Despite the whirlwind of activities you spring on us, I have nothing but gratitude for your early handiwork of little green shoots, hellebores, and snowbells breaking ground as proof of life’s unflappable ability to renew itself.

So much good springs from darkness.

It’s something the seed knows well, encased in its tough outer shell. Inside every acorn resides a single seed, containing all it will need to grow into a big mighty oak.

The seed is unambiguous in its purpose. Nurturing itself throughout the process of becoming its destiny, it is by nature profoundly mysterious.

On the surface, the seed takes on simple shapes, so diminutive in size compared to what will emerge from them.

Some beget life, while others prove to be hollow or lacking in ambition, never living up to their potential.

We love seeds, and eu2be couldn’t exist without them.

Nature does her best work in the darkness of her seeds, which inspired me to make seed oils the active ingredients in our award-winning skincare line’s greatest assets: amazing biomimetic carrier oils.

Quiet yet hardworking ingredients with nourishing superpower skincare benefits, our sustainably sourced whole carrier oils are derived from the powerful plant core—the seed, nut, or kernel.

Rich in natural minerals, vitamins, and biomimetic lipids, these oils transform dry, dehydrated skin into healthy, soft, smooth, and supple skin. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils don’t easily evaporate and contain crucial essential fatty acids—a key element in overall skin function and health.

Like the protective shell of the acorn, our skin is connected to everything within us and to the world outside. And like the acorn, our skin is an expression of a deeper order of things.

Our bodies are the wisdom keepers, so it pays to be grounded in our bodies.

The human seed, as it were, has recently emerged as new territory in the war on women’s reproductive rights. We must fight for the right to shape our lives, so all women can grow and realize their potential, too. 

Unlike seeds, who we become depends on our personal temerity to excavate our way through to the light.

What’s more, when we give our attention to our bodies, they keep us grounded in the here and now, the safest place in the world for us ‘2be.’

But how do we even begin to explore or reacquaint ourselves with our bodies? This is why skincare rituals for the body are life-affirming and necessary.

We can gain clues and direction from the seed, harnessing similar powers via our personal skin care regimen to rediscover ourselves within the soul and the secrets it holds.

While seeds accomplish this according to natural selection, we actually get to cultivate the environments and habits that ultimately determine the quality of our lives and what gets passed on.

Why all this talk about seeds?

It’s planting season, and like the seed, we come here with everything we need to become ourselves. No matter how seemingly insignificant they may feel, plant yourself in small caring acts, because our lives are made through the nurturing of these small seeds of daily living.

I invite you to cultivate a questioning mind and use your full-body skincare practice for life-defining self-exploration, renewal, and discovery.

As sure as the acorn becomes the mighty oak, you came here to become you. 

🙏🏿 Here’s to making your most beautiful you.


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eu2be founder/ceo Charla Jones

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