Skin is so much more than a static outer covering for our bodies—it has a complex life of its own, with many active layers that impact the quality of our health and our lives.

The world as we know it flows through it—and when things go wrong in the body, it’s our skin that first signals danger.

It’s our only organ that looks after us, even when we don’t see our way to care for and protect it properly.

It does so many things, but as we get older and our hormones change—and this goes for all bodies—our skin gets thinner, more fragile, more vulnerable. Its healing recovery time increases for scratches, cuts, burns, and bumps and it loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin, the proteins that gives skin elasticity and structure.

I’m not sure our ancient relatives knew that healthy skin needs essential fatty acids—the biomimetic lipids inherent in eu2be carrier oils that your body needs but can’t produce itself.

But they figured out the connection between the oils of these botanical plants, seeds, and nuts—the source of essential fatty acids—and implemented them into their skincare practices to condition and protect their skin.

Rich with biomimetic lipids that mirror our own skin’s natural sebum, eu2be’s rare blend of carrier oils sink into skin easily, hydrate deeply and instantly, delivering both superficial and deep conditioning benefits that leave skin soft, supple, and visibly aglow.

It's the inheritance you’ll find in all eu2be products, including Keepsake Body Cream.

Simply put, Keepsake conditions and repairs in ways that other lotions and creams simply can’t.

Because more is more, Keepsake has more of these silent workhorse treasures than most any other skincare brand.

Marketing hyped-up skin ingredient innovations may sell, but the skin-conditioning power of natural, whole, time-tested carrier oils endures.

So why pay more for “innovations” when you’re actually getting less of the essentials your skin really needs?

Here's to more and more of life’s good stuff for you.

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