5 Ways to Nurture the Seeds of Your Wellbeing for Healthy Summertime Living:

Captivating our very souls, summer's beauty is not only visible, it's touchable, smellable, hearable, tastable, feastable and feelable.

But while the fish may be jumping and the cotton may be high, sometimes the living ain’t so easy in the summertime.

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling caught without cover—in one of summer’s thunderstorms, an unforgiving heatwave, or simply feeling out of sync with the season’s relative ease and bliss.

“Be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

― Mother Teresa

Indeed, there are ways to align ourselves with the summer sun’s bright, gracious and healing vibes—and it starts with the little seed within.

Isn’t it always the little things?

The small but infinitely powerful seed conceals beneath its coat a flurry of activity that results in the budding of big things. Sounds just like us humans—where dynamic worlds of potential within are contained by a covering.

But our skin doesn’t just cover us, it contains and maintains us, establishing a life-sustaining barrier between us and the eternal world.

And just like seeds, our ability to germinate and flourish depends on our ability to thrive in two environments—the one within us and the one outside of us. Both require specific basic conditions of survival, ironically similar to one another: water, oxygen, temperature, and light.

Honoring the way of the seed, here are five summer wellness tips for self care, to help reduce stress and align yourself with summer’s healing vibes:

1. Protect Your Outer Shell with Extra Summer Skincare:

First, take good care of the barrier that takes good care to protect you. This is the easy part, and eu2be has you covered with a simple mantra: Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Throughout time, caring for the skin has always been ritualized and associated with important life milestones—and I believe it's still an important gateway to not only protecting the place that most encounters the outer world, but also honoring our inner world…

2. Create a Conducive Environment Within:

Take care to tune into and understand what needs watering and what does not. Our ideas, hopes and wisdom can undertake the miraculous germinating process with the right watering and attention. So again, “moisture” plays a leading role in summer self care and even determining the quality of life’s outcomes.

3. Stay Chill & Breathe Deeply:

Reaching the zenith of our potential isn’t always obtained by feverish activity. Our breath absolutely can and does save us, and oxygen is the magic that makes it all happen. So take a few minutes every day—and throughout your day—to mind your breath. Feeling stressed? Breathing can truly change your emotional channel and set you free.

4. Nurture Your Natural Warmth:

Even the cold-hearted among us are warm-blooded creatures, sensitive to the needs of the heart and to temperature. Our bodies function effectively because billions of chemical reactions get the heat they need. No need for metaphors here but the simple gesture of putting your hand on your heart can warm things up if you find yourself alone, without someone to give you a hug.

5. Give Light a Chance:

And just as seeds need light to realize their potential, we need light too. We need sunlight for vitamin D and to boost serotonin in our brains. But we also need light as an energy that fuels us emotionally, spiritually and physically. So when it comes to the weight of your world, let go, unburden yourself with anything that takes you away from the bright side of the road.

Feeling our wellness bursting forth like the noble seed is nothing short of grace and mystery joining forces.

Have faith that one of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing—and when you're done germinating, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and take to the sky just like Ella sings in the song.

But 'til that morning, nothing can harm you when you're safe and secure within your seed-like shell.

Now it's time to let yourself be overtaken by summer, and we hope these summer wellness tips will help you shine!

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