Whether you consider them instruments, symbols, or weapons, the human hand is fascinating, inspiring, and oft-overlooked.

Like our skin, our hands are one of those everyday things that go unappreciated for all that they make possible in our lives.

In formulating eu2be skincare products, I gave a great deal of thought to our hands.

My vision and objectives for the results you see and feel in using eu2be weren’t simply fixated on the origin story of their powerful carrier oil ingredients, as impressive as their chemical composition and benefits are.

I was especially mindful of what our MIT friends call "the delivery system” of these goods. So, I spent untold hours experimenting with different formulations to understand the tactility of our carrier oils.

I paid attention to how my nascent formulations felt in the hand—and further, to how they would emotively linger on the body.

Turns out, a great deal is at hand for all of us.

They come in all sizes and shapes and even when parts of them are missing, one could still argue that the hand is fundamentally one of our greatest tools.

Our lives are literally held within their grip, as they enable many of life’s essential skills, elicit beauty in many forms, help us communicate, and deliver acts of compassion and care—feeling, holding, caressing, touching.

Equally capable of delivering a healing touch and devastating blows, the human hand is a powerful instrument. The same hand that reaches out to embrace the world is equally capable of destroying it with the pull of a trigger.

And yet this same hand can both build walls and bind us to one another, and even mend connections, across culture, food, and landscapes. They manipulate, mold, and shape us by their single acts as much as the everyday ones to which we are habituated.

They are true evolutionary marvels, showing up everywhere throughout human history—our folklore, art, superstitions, and myths—in all the sacred spaces that have had the biggest impact on us.

It is the creative hand that captivates me the most.

They’ve been written about, talked about, painted, and sculptured, and it is these hands that bring me to tears when I think about them for a while.

Outside of the ones that heal and impart tenderness, it is the artist hands that I feel the highest sense of gratitude for—creatives whose hands reach beyond skill to deliver literature, poems, dance, symphonies, paintings, photography, sculptures—and let’s not forget culinary gems

They are pivotal to who we are, how we live, and how we see ourselves.

The truth is, our hands are implicated in our joy—so let’s raise them, adore them, protect them, and give them thanks for their undeniable power to transform us and those whom we treasure.


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eu2be founder/ceo Charla Jones

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