Berries, cherries, fireflies, road trips, walks by the water, hikes amongst the trees, or simply gazing at the sky—it’s life’s simple pleasures that enable us to embrace summer’s treasures.

During this time of year, nature bestows a sprawl of awe and wonder for our sheer delight.

I can’t recall when it was that I first came to know this, but rain or shine, summer’s touches, tastes, smells, and sounds have had a way of connecting straight to my core, where beauty resides.

Summer gives us unlimited freedom to experience its beauty in the small things.

The possibilities for joy are endless, and we were designed to partake of the best of what it can be.

And our skin is all-in on summer’s wonders.

Our skin is our main connection with summer’s pleasures, even as it's also busy regulating body temperature, synthesizing much needed Vitamin D from the sun, and standing guard as our first line of defense against external dangers.

It’s our skin that enables our sense of touch, cools us with sweat when our bodies get too warm, and alerts us to pain.

There’s even research that says our skin can smell—not that it smells but that it can smell.

Amazing, right?

So keeping your skin moisturized and protected really is a matter of health, not just vanity and convenience.

You can ease summertime skin stressors with a true trove of skincare treasures—Trove Replenishing Oil nourishes and protects your body (and hair!) with the finest nutrient-rich ingredients.

The biomimetic carriers oils in Trove—Avocado, Broccoli Seed, Sweet Almond, Brazil Nut, Maracuja Seed, and Buriti Seed just to name a few—offer a depth and range of naturally existing skin protective nutrients:

  • essential fatty acids
  • vitamins
  • sterols
  • pantothenic acid

All help prevent skin cell damage due to UV rays and other environmental factors.

And don’t be fooled into thinking summer humidity is altogether advantageous to our skin.

Humidity can be harsh and disruptive to our skin's natural balance, leaving behind dry, flaky and dehydrated, ashy, dull skin.

So go forth and be full of yourself, take pleasure in summer’s most beautiful offerings, attend the world joyfully—and let eu2be be your bridge to self-care this summer.

Happy summer!

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