As natural-born creators, living a creative life is one of the greatest gifts of beauty we can give ourselves—and frankly, the planet. Here’s why.

We arrive fully equipped with everything we need to pursue our most authentic, beautiful, and creative life. So, we need not work so hard to become beautiful. Each of us is born hardwired for beauty, with our own unique creativity to be explored. 

And the golden season of Autumn is primed for us to make alterations—not in the interest of perfection, but to become who we want to be by living a more creative life.

Alterations are necessary because on some level we’re always seeking the answer to the imperial question that weighs upon us from the beginning.

To paraphrase The Who, “Who am I? Who, who, who, who? I really want to know.”

Our curiosities, passions, and glorious senses are natural gifts that connect us to the answers, this life, to the earth, and to each other—but we don’t always put them to good use in a world of unrelenting distraction.

Thankfully we have autumn and her gift of second chances, because we sometimes lose our way.

In our most naked, natural state, our bodies know who we are.

Our bodies aren’t just our ticket to ride this thing called life. Our bodies enable us to partake of life's very best offerings through what we experience via our senses.

Perhaps our senses dull as we grow, but our bodies never forget that they belong to this earth.

“It is our minds that make our lives so homeless.”

― Irish Poet John O’Donahue

What’s more, it is our creative impulses that make us exceptional—but only when we muster the courage to follow these sparks and adventure the risks.

To this end, I find nature to be a reliable and trustworthy guide. Just take a look around you. All of nature is in the process of letting go—making alterations, bright and beautiful, big and small—in order to live life anew, in balance with going inward in anticipation of winter to come.

Just as autumn’s winds caress the maples, birches, willows, and oaks, liberating them of their well-spent reds, burnt oranges, and golden leaves, we too can liberate ourselves of distractions, habits, negative thoughts, and people who keep us clinging to outlived branches.


Why we need alterations to live a creative life.

Each one of us gets a turn at remaking our way, and autumn extends her invitation and space to do just that—by adjusting our perspective, thrusting forward, or bending the knee, we make necessary changes for a better fit with the life we desire.

When we resynchronize with the natural world’s rhythms, what was once assumed to be forever or impermeable can fall away like autumn leaves.

No matter where this autumn finds you, whether it brings new joys or struggle, loss, or dismay, embrace this truth:

Autumn offers us an inflection point, and our creative gifts are our way forward. Let’s follow nature's impulse—to adapt, create, evolve—and devise a harvest of our own infinitely creative natural being.

If you “really want to know…” autumn is our time to reconnect with the true heritage of our being: our inherent power and natural BEAUTY.

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