who's the cream of the crop?

As our last days of August wind down, change is literally in the air, and our skin can be the first to signal Mother Nature’s mood shift.

Equally game-changing for skin are the ingredients and their proportions in your favorite products.

At a glance, all body creams intend to nourish and protect your skin, but when you take a closer look, you'll see how strikingly incomparable they are—like apples and oranges.

Scented oils have been around since before the Greeks, and Jo Malone is a fantastic British perfumer whose scents are divine (I’ve been a customer). But scents aren’t a prerequisite for skin barrier health.

let's take a closer look at these body creams...

best body creams compared: jo malone vs eu2be

as you can see, the numbers tell a compelling story...

And the proportion of workhorse carrier oils matters when it comes to fulfilling the promise to repair, strengthen, and preserve your skin’s moisture barrier.

This matters even more as our bodies age, and we lose our ability to naturally produce key protective lipids.

As we age, we become more vulnerable to damaging environmental effects that can cause dry, dehydrated, dull, itchy, irritated, and rough skin conditions.

That’s why Keepsake Body Cream is concentrated with multifunctional biomimetic carrier oils that provide antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and vitamins that aid skin’s natural repair processes.

eu2be products 'play well with others' so you can pair Keepsake and Trove Replenishing Oil with your other favorite fragrance-based products.

And if you have sensitive skin or typically can’t tolerate fragrances, we have good news.

Keepsake and Trove contain only a hint of our distinctive fragrance of warm, woodsy, green notes and it’s hypoallergenic—clean, synthetic, and sensible for all bodies. Clinically tested for use on sensitive skin, it contains no well-known irritants or skin sensitizers. And it’s the very last thing on our ingredients list.

Seasonal changes invite us to appreciate this passing moment, and soon it’ll be time to go apple picking and reach for more oranges to boost our vitamin C intake.

May you enjoy all the fruitful perks of summer’s passing.


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