Last week I took a dip in the Dead Sea, and the vanishing ecology of this great world wonder reminded me of yet another wonder—our democracy under threat here at home.

It truly is one of the wonders of the world—there’s no other place like it.

Beyond its sublime beauty and healing powers, the Dead Sea is host to numerous endangered species. It is the saltiest body of water on the planet, with an unparalleled 36% salinity, and to go there is to go to the lowest place on earth, 1500 feet below sea level. 

But human activities and industrial practices have caused a nearly 40% drop in its water level and it has already lost over 30% of its surface area.

The Dead Sea is literally vanishing before our eyes, which sounds eerily similar to something we enjoy here at home—our democracy.

Democracy is also a treasure, one that gives rise to a way of life most of us wouldn’t trade for anything. There’s no other place in the world like America. So we must take a stand for it and our right to choose, not for an imaginary right to re-engineer our elections to fit our beliefs.

The entire world is experiencing economic challenges—not just us—and these conditions aren’t brought on by Democrats. In fact, we’re faring better than most, and ironically, our economy is still showing strength and growth even with our democracy under threat, dangling in the balance. 

We must protect all of our treasures, whether natural resources or our democratic rights, so I’m calling all guardians of REAL beauty to take action where we can, starting this Tuesday.

Election deniers don’t believe in government as a positive force for the people, and if they have their way, democracy as we know it will be over.

The world is watching. Let’s stand against destructive, economically driven decision-making and short-sighted thinking—in support of our planet and our democracy.

We the people are the guardians of what we value. We must do our part to show the world where we stand and preserve our way of life with our vote.

Let’s cast our vote to assure our allies of our intention to be true partners in democracy, standing firmly against authoritarian blight.

The cost of doing nothing is too great—there’s simply too much at stake—and the lasting impact of our decisions deserves careful examination and action.

Come Tuesday, let’s brave the rain, sleet, and snow, stand patiently in long lines, and yes, push through our personal sloth to get to the polls.

“Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

— John Keats

I think we all can agree democracy is a beautiful thing, and whether in nature, civic life, or in skincare, the beauty of the world belongs to all of us.

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