Shop award-winning skincare products for the body, formulated with a wealth of potent biomimetic carrier oils that nourish, preserve, and protect your skin.

Essential Bodycare

keepsake body cream

Best Seller

keepsake body cream

The same beloved Nurture + Nourish skin-conditioning formula to balance and soothe with 12 formidably rich carrier oils.

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trove replenishing oil

trove replenishing oil

Our 'must-have' replenishing oil in the same award-winning Enrich + Radiate formula with skin-mimetic essential fatty acids.

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golden amends balm

New Product

golden amends balm

Soothing redemption in a soulful remedy and repair for troubled areas all over to rebalance and restore radiance.

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eu2be products are formulated to address the needs of the skin you have with care and time-tested carrier oils that are nutrient rich with biomimetic lipids that skin craves.

Scents are great but they’re not prerequisites for skin health. But important biomimetic lipids that fortify skin’s protective barrier like ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids are—and our products are loaded with them.

Nurture your innate beauty with time-tested carrier oils and nutrient rich with biomimetic lipids that your skin needs.

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  • Paraben Free Body Care

    paraben free

  • Tested on Humans with No Animal Testing

    tested on humans
    not animals

  • No Coconut Oil and No Mineral Oil

    no coconut oil
    no mineral oil