Highly discerning and with a reverence for their creative passions, our supporters treasure the difference they feel inside and out as a result of using our luxurious, enriching skincare products.

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On our Keepsake Body Cream: "When dry skin craves silky, non-greasy moisture, reach for this nutrient-rich body soufflé. It's rich, creamy, and super hydrating, but the soufflé consistency makes it feel light ... to meet the needs of highly discerning, health-minded women who desire noticeably healthy, touchable skin."

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On our Trove Replenishing Oil: "I'm on planes so much and it makes my skin so dry. I put this body oil on after the shower and it makes my skin so moisturized and soft, but not greasy. I don't know how you can put oil on your skin and not come away greasy, but this works. It has a very herbaceous scent but it's very mild. I'm from the South and to have someone describe your skin as ashy is the worst insult ever. With this, you will never be ashy again."

Tayari Jones, bestselling author of An American Marriage, speaking to The Strategist

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"Looking to pamper your skin? Look no further.”

Kasey Michelle, green beauty blogger

"A delicious soufflé for your body with a whipped texture. eu2be is a masterpiece for the skin, and a little bit truly goes a long way."

Kasey Michelle, green beauty blogger

"eu2be makes your skin feel silky and baby soft all day long. I honestly can't get enough of this oil."

Sabrina Zimmerman, beauty blogger and Lucky contributor

"Its exotic and earthy scent transports your mind from your bathroom shower to a tropical outdoor shower. No exaggerating, it really smells and feels that good!"

Isabelle Winter, blogger and eco entrepreneur

"I can't get over how soft it makes my skin feel."

Rebecca Wattenschaidt, boutique owner and beauty blogger

"Whether you suffer from dry skin or just want a more natural body wash and lotion duo, eu2be should be first on your list to try.”

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"I took the travel-size eu2be products on a trip with me to Europe and they were definitely enough to carry me through two weeks, when most travel sizes barely get you through a weekend. As I'm sure you can guess, eu2be and I fell in love in France.”

Vanessa Baumann, beauty editor

"I've been using the face lotion for the last few weeks, and I see the difference. Dare I say it looks dewier?"

Ashley Manfred, beauty expert

"We're totally loving eu2be, a decadent skincare line featuring a trio of skin essentials.”

Katie Martin and Robin Fisher, editors at Eco-Beautiful Weddings

"It’s a thick, rich, moisturizing lotion that I've found to be super nourishing for extra dry skin. It has a silky feel and melts right into the skin with a lot of natural oils going to work for you.”

Jennifer, beauty blogger at Unsullied