Emily Dickinson called March ‘the Month of Expectation,’ and for eu2be it promises to be a month of GREAT expectations.

What began two years ago with a creative impulse to reimagine eu2be has evolved into a remarkable journey that makes my soul sit back and wonder how I got over.

So it gives me great joy to share that eu2be’s long expedition of rediscovery is soon coming to an end—and the planets have aligned for an exciting new journey to begin:

  • Our new website looks amazing and should be ready for its debut by the end of this month
  • While we’re still working through our share of the world’s supply chain challenges, our beloved skincare products are primed for a heroine’s return this spring, newly repackaged in even more sustainable materials

We’re also counting down to another VERY exciting milestone that has been long in the making: eu2be’s first corporate sponsorship.

Artist Simone Leigh at work in her studio ahead of the Venice Biennale, shot by Shaniqwa Jarvis.

Every two years since 1895, thousands of art devotees from all over the world make the pilgrimage to northern Italy to experience what is arguably the world’s most prestigious art exhibition, the Venice Biennale.

I was elated to learn that the Institute of Contemporary Art, ICA Boston—where I proudly serve on the Board of Trustees—was selected as the commissioner of the 59th Venice Biennale United States Pavilion, presenting the work of acclaimed artist Simone Leigh.

Leigh is the first African American woman to receive the honor in the biennale’s 125-year history.

It is a significant achievement in Simone Leigh’s decades-long career and for the ICA’s track record of supporting women artists and artists of color. I am thrilled to share that eu2be is the lead corporate sponsor of this historic exhibition.

More than ever, we need the arts and artists, who help us to consider, question, express and reflect on what we’re feeling.

Through the arts, we are reminded that being human is what unites us, so let us unite and send thoughts for peace and sovereignty for Ukraine.

My grandmother used to tell me prayer changes things. I’m not religious but I do hope this is true for the change so desperately needed in our world today.

May we all be enriched by the creative impulse and our expectations, even in the face of difficulty. May we fight for the belief that something great awaits our discovery.

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