Back in 2015, I founded eu2be to call attention to the need for real beauty, the arts, and wellness in our daily lives—starting with how we care for our skin. Through eu2be, my intention was to start a conversation about the intrinsic value for the skin you have and the person you are to be.

Nature designed us in a way that caring for our skin is a conducive regimen for caring for the body and the person we are to become. It’s an insight I learned from my world-traveling, fashion savvy aunt Eugenia for whom eu2be is named.

It’s a creative leap, sure. But it’s an inheritance I treasure and it’s foundational to why eu2be is beloved today.

Our bodies need to feel cared for which is why I’ve carefully selected a rare blend of carrier oils—prized by our ancestors through generations to carry the skincare traditions, practices and wisdoms that nature passed down.

Any oil will help your skin, but we’ve harnessed premium, substantial, proven ingredients. Our products are packed with more carrier oils than most other formulas, with the power to transform the skin you have and your experience with it.

The body remembers all, so pay it forward with the finest products and a daily skincare practice that creates the conditions for who you are ‘2be.’

Take care of the skin that never fails to take care of you. Because it’s that sense of being cared for that gives rise to a sense of well-being. And that’s real treasure.

With gratitude,
Charla Jones, eu2be Founder