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Award-Winning Natural Skin Care

The Eu2Be Bare Skin Collection is the essential regimen for healthy, glowing skin—and the true foundation for looking and feeling great at every age.

Just say 'You to Be' for award-winning skin care that cleans, nourishes and protects your skin with rare blends of up to 15 high-functioning, natural skin-conditioning oils.

Because there’s no such thing as a single, magic ingredient in the quest for well-hydrated and supple skin, daily use of Eu2Be soap, lotion and oil lays the foundation for every beauty look:

1. CLEAN with soap that won’t strip natural oils from bare skin or hair
2. NOURISH with a lotion that absorbs beautifully, leaving a natural glow
3. PROTECT with a full range of emollient oils that play well with other products

Customers and beauty professionals alike tell us they can actually feel the difference in their skin when they use Eu2Be. That's because the natural, lipid-rich powerhouse oils we've selected have been proven over centuries to condition and protect skin—better than synthetic or mineral oil blends.

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Handmade Gift Ideas

Our 2016 Handmade Collection puts artisanal creations within reach—for yourself and for those you treasure...

For our second year in a row, we've collaborated with a handful of fabulous makers to create an offering of thoughtful, affordable gifts and delightful creations that will expand your experience of Eu2Be’s "nothing superficial" approach to beauty, with bar soaps, candles, scrubs and more.

Beauty is always yours to give—and to receive. Stay tuned for more handmades in the works!