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      Nothing superficial.

      No parabens. No petroleum. Gluten free. Just a hint of fragrance.

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        Illuminating ingredients.

        Small-batch formulated with up to 15 natural skin conditioning oils

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          From Brazil, with love.

          Sao Paulo to Rio, Florianopolis to Salvador and on and on...

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            For a lasting glow...

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            Beauty is so much more than glamour.

            We believe in beauty as a creative force for wellbeing, and there’s nothing superficial about it. That's why we designed Eu2Be Nourishing Skin Care to enhance your beauty and body awareness via the skin care experience.

            Just say "You to Be" for a natural skin care line made in the USA in small batches with illuminating ingredients and a strong assist from moisture-locking Brazilian oils. No parabens. No petroleum. No GMOs. No animal testing. Gluten free. With just a hint of fragrance.

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