Essential Bare Skin Goodness Every Day

Eu2Be Concierge Membership


Essential Bare Skin Goodness Every Day

Eu2Be Concierge Membership


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Thank You for Inviting Eu2Be On a Very Personal Journey...

Award-winning natural skin care

Every day, your journey unfolds in the choices you make in caring for yourself, and especially in caring for your skin. We are honored to join you in your quest 2Be your very best 'Eu'!


Be the Guardian of What's Precious. Starting with Your Skin.

As a Eu2Be Concierge Member, you’ll enjoy the most high-functioning, hydrating, culturally prized ingredients—with the enriching goodness, essential fatty acids, nutrients and Omega-rich oils that not only transform bare skin, but transport your daily regimen. It's all conveniently served up with Concierge Member reduced pricing and exclusive benefits:

Member Pricing of 15% Off All Eu2Be Products
Quarterly Curated Product Shipments + Surprises
Your Skin Care Essentials Delivered Automatically
Choose What You Use or Gift Your Distribution
Always-Free Shipping

All for just $15 per month!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask Concierge@eu2be.com


We’re Kicking Off Your Membership with Our Most Popular Bundle:

8oz. Shower + Soak Soap cleans without stripping natural oils from bare skin or hair
8oz. Nurture + Nourish Lotion absorbs beautifully, hydrates deeply and leaves a natural glow
Natural Body Brush exfoliates and stimulates your skin
Reusable Beauty Bag keeps all your favorites together on the go

There's no such thing as a single, magic ingredient. With up to 15 culturally-prized, high-performing, skin-conditioning oils, all Eu2Be products contain powerful combinations of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

No glutens. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No toxins. No GMOs. No animal testing. No questionable ingredients. Just a hint of fragrance.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask Concierge@eu2be.com


10 Beautiful Reasons to Become a Eu2Be Concierge Member:

1. Member Pricing: 15% off all Eu2Be products for 12 months.

2. Introductory Skin Care Bundle: We know! Re-ordering is a pain, so give yourself one less to-do and let your skin care come to you.

3. Personalized Concierge Service: Your quarterly product shipments + surprises come with direct email access to tell us just what you want.

4. Always Free Shipping: As a member, you’ll always be skipping the shipping.

5. Cross Shopping Off Your List: Enjoy the convenience of your Bare Skin Essentials delivered automatically.

6. We Do the Work: You'll get a quick reminder email two weeks before shipping to confirm your desired Eu2Be product.

7. Get First Dibs On New Stuff: We have new and limited-edition projects in the works. Members receive exclusive membership gifts and we’ll come to you first to help shape new Eu2Be product development.

8. Built-In Gifting: Purchase Eu2Be Concierge for someone you treasure or pass along your quarterly shipment.

9. Bare Skin Essentials: Eu2Be products play well with others so you can layer, blend and mix.

10. Illuminating Ingredients: Eu2Be's high-functioning formulas offer a curated ingredient profile that actually create the conditions for healthy, glowing bare skin.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask Concierge@eu2be.com


No Small Print: Details + FAQs You Want to Know:

How Does Eu2Be Concierge Work? Sign up now and receive Eu2Be’s Clean + Nourish Bundle ($75 Product Value) AND you immediately start getting Member pricing of 15% off Eu2Be Products. Your credit card will be billed $15 monthly over the next 12 months (state sales tax applies where applicable), delivering across the board savings.

Can I Buy Eu2Be Concierge As a Gift? Yes, please do! Complete the sign-up form, using your credit card information so that you’ll be charged for the membership. Add the lucky gift recipient’s shipping information and we’ll do the rest. Share their email address if you want us to be in touch with them directly about their Concierge membership. Otherwise, we’ll keep you posted on forthcoming Eu2Be distributions and happenings.

Why Should I Sign Up? It’s simple, convenient and gives you savings and valuable extras. Sign-up and reduce what you pay for Eu2Be products (Member pricing of 15% off) whenever you shop and always skip the shipping. We do the work by sending you quarterly distributions of a Eu2Be product + gift bundle automatically. Also, you get the option to gift the product distribution to a family member or friend.

How Often Do I Get Eu2Be Distributions? There are four distributions in total, starting with your initial Clean + Nourish Bundle. You’ll get a quick reminder email two weeks before we send your quarterly shipment. Here’s a sneak peek at our anticipated 2017 distribution schedule: February 15, May 15, July 15.

Can I Choose the Products In My Shipments? Yes! We won’t have it any other way. You’ll catch each of Eu2Be’s product offerings in rotation throughout our distribution plan but you get to choose what you use. By responding to the distribution notification emails, informing us of your choice, you’ll be assured to receive the product you want most.

Can I Gift My Distribution? Yes you can! Let’s say you’re busy and forgot buy a gift, or you just want to share the Eu2Be love with someone you treasure. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll direct your distribution to the person you designate. We call it “Built-in Gifting.”

You can read the complete Annual Membership Terms and Conditions here

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask Concierge@eu2be.com


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