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Artist Cha Cha Wang created artworks inspired by the life, quotes and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King

Eu2Be is dedicated to exploring the role of beauty and creativity in our well-being.

"Almost always, the creative, dedicated
minority has made the world better."
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote inspired me to think about all the ways our lives are better because of artists and the arts.

My love of the arts and creativity began with my first museum experiences. It's the grounding for me to prioritize being actively interested in artists, makers and leaders in the contemporary arts community—and it's been a privilege to maintain a decade-long board position with the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston and longtime involvement with Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

ODC dancers performing at Eu2Be's San Francisco launch partyFirst, at Eu2Be's San Francisco launch event in the balmy Mission District, we treated our guests to three sneak preview performances by the charming and talented dancers from ODC, voted San Francisco's Best Dance Company. We got an up-close and highly personal experience, with insights into how they transform their creative process into beautiful movement and physicality.


Jamaica Kincaid wrote on the courage of MLK. Photo Credit: Russell MacMastersThen, when Jamaica Kincaid, the essayist, novelist, gardener and Harvard professor, agreed over dinner one evening to write a post for Eu2Be about the Courage of Martin Luther King, I jumped on it. Readers have called the post "beautiful and profound" and said it "reminds me of my true blessings." (photo by Russell MacMasters)


Only the best street art hereAs you look around our site, you'll see how deeply I'm inspired by street art from around the world. In sourcing Eu2Be's ingredients, I was absolutely transported by the spirit and diversity of Brazil's street artists. Since then, I've snapped photos of street art in Hong Kong, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Oakland and wherever I can find artists at work. Follow Eu2Be on Instagram as we share the love and add to our collection.


sculpture by metalsmith Megan Cronin
Brazil's 'Tree of Life' or the Buriti Palm is just one of Eu2Be's nourishing ingredients that reminds us that all life on our planet is interconnected. So we commissioned a sculpture with the intent to reinforce Eu2Be’s central idea that ‘beauty can’t be rushed.’ Artist Megan Cronin is a classically trained metalsmith known for creating sculpture based on natural plant forms. Megan earned her MFA at Maine College of Art and her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art.  Cast in beryllium copper and finished by hand, each is engraved with a number referring to the approximate time each piece took to produce, from concept to completion. Through the process of molding, carving and casting, the outer half has remained untouched and gives evidence of the fruit’s scaly skin, while the inner half has been honed down to reveal a smooth, concave interior. Over time, each casting will acquire a patina that is as individual as its owner.


Boston poet, performer, and folklorist GennaRose NethercottThe idea of a Eu2Be Poet-in-Residence came to life when I met Boston-based poet GennaRose Nethercott. Winner of the Spark Creative Anthology's 2015 poetry competition, she is a published writer, performer and songwriter from the forests of Brattleboro, Vermont. In addition to  writing bespoke poems for Eu2Be as part of our Handmade Gift Collection, you may find her stationed around Boston on sunny days creating beautiful poems to order on her vintage 1952 Hermes typewriter.


Artist Cha Cha Wang commemorates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King in her workEu2Be commissioned original works to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. Drawing on a selection of iconic images and texts from Dr. King's life, artist Cha Cha Wang worked in her inimitable style to create an interpretive interplay between his words, his speeches and key writings in her beautiful and striking paper-cut artworks:


"What really intrigued me about this project was manifesting Dr. King's thoughts and the ambitions of the Civil Rights movement and transforming them into tangible objects to remind us of those constant ideals and their lasting impact on our society."
—Artist Cha Cha Wang


March on Washington, 1963: I Have A Dream

Artwork inspired by MLK's March on Washington, 1963: I Have A Dream

Size: 12" in diameter. Paper: Acid Free Linen/Printed

MLK quotes, images and writings inspired artworks commissioned by Eu2Be

Content: Iconic images from the March on Washington and "I Have A Dream"
Speech at the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28th, 1963

"I've always been intrigued by paper, its tactile qualities and the innumerable volume of memories that can be contained within its pages. I like to breath new life into those memories to take them beyond the two dimensional." — Artist Cha Cha Wang


Memphis, 1968: I Am a Man

Artwork inspired by MLK's fateful visit to Memphis, 1968: I Am a Man

Size: 9" in diameter. Paper: Acid Free Linen/Printed

MLK quotes, images and writings inspired artworks commissioned by Eu2Be

Content: Iconic images from the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968


The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Papercut artwork inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Size: 7.5" in diameter Paper - Original book printed in 1983

MLK quotes, images and writings inspired artworks commissioned by Eu2Be

Content: Dr. King's thoughts on The Community of Man, Racism, Civil Rights, Justice and Freedom, Faith and Religion, Nonviolence and Peace including excerpts from his speeches: "I've Been to the Mountain Top" and "I Have a Dream."

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