From Brazil, With Love

Brazil inspires our moisturizing lotion, oil and soap

The allure of Brazil has inspired us from the start, and among the 15 culturally-prized, high-functioning skin-conditioning oils that make up our collection, you'll find a strong assist from moisture-locking Brazilian oils.

Brazil is a place where a glowing smile, not your skin tone or body type, defines your beauty. This was the inspiration for making Brazil our first stop in creating a line of skin care products designed to bring out one’s inner elegance.

A diverse country where sleek skyscrapers quickly give way to remote jungles, Brazil is clearly focused on the future, and yet its people are deeply informed by their traditions, with a rich history of contrasts and saturations.

Brazilian street art reminds us of the hand's role in skin care

The Hand is Everywhere.

In Brazil, graffiti images have the effect of reminding us of the role of the hand in art and culture—of translating our experiences into something beautiful. And the care of your skin works same way: daily, ritualized acts of the hand transmit a value about the skin and the beauty within.


Brazil's Candomblé reminds us to discover your inner beauty

Inspired by Candomblé:
Eu2Be Enrich + Emolliate Lotion

The magical rituals of Candomblé draw on folklore from Brazil’s African and European traditions. The belief system of Candomblé does not seek to define good and evil, but teaches followers to discover their individual destiny.

Eu2Be’s moisturizing lotion contains 13 skin conditioning oils, with ingredients like avocado, broccoli, Brazil nut and mango. Eu2Be’s Nurture + Nourish Lotion is designed to bring out everyone’s inner beauty, and help us all discover our own magic.

Brazil's creative exuberance inspires our hydrating body wash

Inspired by Carnaval:
Eu2Be Shower + Soak Soap

Eu2Be Shower+ Soak Soap expresses the fresh exuberance of Brazil’s ultra-modern cities, where art is not confined to museums and galleries, but spills out onto the streets, inviting us to swing our hips to a sensual samba beat.

From the irrepressible creativity of the country’s graffiti artists to the plumed costumes of Carnaval and the infinite grace of Brazil's soccer players, imagination bursts onto the scene in unexpected ways.

Eu2Be's body wash ingredients include emolliating oils from buriti palm, known in Brazil as the Tree of Life, and the Amazonian babassu palm. Add essence of maracuja passion fruit, and you’ve got a hydrating, no-nonsense cleanser perfect for the whole family. Clean your body with the exuberant radiance of Brazilian Carnaval!

The deep mysteries of Brazilian folklore inspires the deep moisture of our body oil

Inspired by the Curupira:
Eu2Be Enrich + Radiate Oil

The mythical figure of the Curupira of Brazilian folklore is the defender of the forests who reminds us that things are not always what they seem. Indeed, just as every one of us holds a mystery deep within, Eu2Be's award-winning Enrich + Radiate Oil is designed to penetrate, with deep conditioning oils to defend what's precious to you—your skin. A little goes a long way for head-to-toe moisturizing.

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