Dehydrated + Dry Skin

While these concerns sound interchangeable, they’re actually quite different. And this distinction creates the role our skin care plays in our day-to-day health.

In this case, oil and water do mix – and they produce lovely glowing skin. Simply put, dehydrated skin lacks water (hydration), while dry skin lacks sebum - your sebaceous glands’ oils that protect and soften (moisture).

Dehydrated skin feels dry, flakes, or is itchy or sensitive. The lack of water can be caused by environmental factors like dry air, indoor heat or A/C, not drinking enough water, or super hot showers or baths.

On the other hand, dry skin can come with age (when oil production slows down) as well as genetics. It can also be exacerbated with harsh products that strip skin of its natural oils. You might see your skin as ashy and parched.

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