• Why Lotion is the Skin Care Hack We Need Every Day
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Why Lotion is the Skin Care Hack We Need Every Day
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Moisturizing your skin is one of those small things that, when done regularly and with attention, has the biggest impact on skin care—now and down the road.

But are you in the know about lotions vs. oils? Because a lot of people are swapping out lotions for oils and coming up short, not realizing that lotions and oils function differently.

So let’s talk lotion. And since an amazing lotion is a beautiful thing, its effects are especially appreciated and needed this time of year (see our handy guide on How to Combat Winter Dry Skin Woes and layer up!).

Knowing leads to glowing. But in order to have authority on lotion, in my humble opinion, you seriously have to approach it from these three directions:

1. NEED — Do you need lotion to perform specific jobs for your skin? Or do you buy it for the fragrance?
2. READ — Do you have an informed sense of how ingredients affect your skin when you read an ingredients list?
3. HEED — Do you notice how your lotion absorbs into your skin and how long it lasts?

My argument is this: Real authority on lotions resides within the disciplines of chemistry and dermatology and requires a dedicated practice on par with Malcolm Gladwell’s "10,000 hours" rule.

And boy did I pile up the hours and applications—which is why Eu2Be Nourish + Nurture Lotion is such an amazing, uniquely effective lotion.

Did you know? A large segment of “specialty lotions” offered on the market today are derived from the same handful of formulas?

It’s true. This is the easiest, most efficient and economical way for manufacturers and makers to bring products to market.

When it comes to natural products, there are plenty that you can simply make yourself.

But there are very few unique skin care formulas, because they are very expensive to produce, which explains why we can't offer Eu2Be products at mass-produced prices.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on beautifully packaged lotions, all promising great hydration but only managing to deliver a nice scent.

Here’s the need-to-know, inside scoop on lotions, and it's no coincidence that these are the same factors I keep hearing from devotees of Eu2Be Nurture + Nourish Lotion.

A GREAT lotion is:

  • Never greasy, waxy or oily
  • Only lightly scented, and never overpowering
  • Long lasting, while keeping your skin aglow and healthy long after it’s been applied

And here's why Eu2Be Nurture + Nourish Lotion is so big it comes in a jar. Simply put, it comes in a jar because the physics just don’t work well to use a pump.

Our lotion is packed with super hydrating, high-functioning, culturally prized skin-conditioning oils, comprised of rich nutrients, Omega 3s and essential fatty acids—all the good stuff nature intended for our skin.

When I talk about beauty being in our DNA, what I’m really talking about is the need we all have for individual beauty in the world.

We’re hardwired for beauty, and we long for beauty to happen to us in all of its forms.

So do your part and don’t miss the daily experience of being encouraged and uplifted by your own beauty from within. After all, moisturizing has the power to lead to greater outward effects.


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  • Charla Jones
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