• Essential Skin Care Truths About Mind-Blowing Alternative Facts
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Essential Skin Care Truths About Mind-Blowing Alternative Facts
street art of a volcano in a hat reminds me of the mind-blowing alternative facts meme

As mind-blowing as alternative facts may be, they are never a sturdy stand-in for the real thing.

So this week we’re illuminating some essential truths and alternative perspectives about the role of skin care ingredients in the care of bare skin.

Getting to real truths means starting at the beginning — with some basic facts we know to be real about skin. 

Fact #1: All skin types — whether dry, sensitive, mature or scaly — protect real bodies of people with real emotionality.

Fact #2: Skin is a complex system of cells and lipids.

Fact #3: Skin is a working organ that performs tasks like regulating body heat and managing water loss.

Skin is designed to protect us against external harm. It’s our first line of defense against bacteria and UV radiation.

When it comes to addressing dry skin conditions with natural skin care ingredients, it’s important to realize that not all oils are alike — and some oils that get dished out as quick, seemingly appropriate solutions, turn out to be ineffectual and specious.

Take for instance all the buzz about essential oils—it’s true that essential oils deliver effective benefits, with nice backstories and amazing olfactory sensations that tap into our emotions.

But essential oils deserve to be explained and more deeply understood.

Real essential oils are expensive and potent. Inherent in their composition are highly concentrated chemical compounds, with potent allergens that can stir up issues for dry, sensitive skin types just as easily as synthetic chemicals.

In building skin care formulas, essential oils take center stage in the process because some expertise is needed in working with them. They’re highly concentrated and fragrant so you can’t just mix and match.

They get paired with culturally-prized, work-horse oils like the ones you’ll find in Eu2Be products to enhance their benefits.

So when I say that Eu2Be is formulated with rare blends of up to 15 high-functioning skin-conditioning oils, I’m really highlighting how we mix multi-tasking oils that offer a broad spectrum of skin benefits, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to address dry skin conditions.

It’s these workhorse oils that boost the skin-conditioning effects of essential oils, not the other way around.

And these aren’t alternative facts.

For an essential insight about complexity and binary thinking, let's take a look at the inter-dimensional work of Boston artist John Guthrie.

His works, like the one here, at first appear simple. But they’re not.

Boston artist John Guthrie's Stonehill installation

Where most of us see geometry’s hand at play, if you have the language of math, you might see an equation. A closer look still and you’ll see John’s enduring ability to draw upon life’s complex duality using the poetry of lines and space.

But here’s the most important truth: we are embodied beings first, with a rich connection to nature, people and the world around us.

We turn to art, spirituality and mindfulness to help us seek out those rare moments when our own true beauty reveals itself from within.

Whether we’re talking personal, social or skin care issues, we must pay attention to their complexity and resist our emotional response to jump on quick solutions to complex issues.

Somehow on the way to betterment, we prioritize finding the easy answers as being more important than exploring the complex questions that precede them.

When we take the short jaunt, we forsake the purpose of the trip.

Skin care ingredients are complex, and no matter how your skin behaves, it’s your behavior that counts. So do right by your skin — because it shows up for you everyday.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Brazilian OilsClean BeautyGreen BeautyMindulfnessNatural Skincare ProductsSkin Care OilsWellness

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