• The Secret One-Two Punch of the Best Skin Cream Moisturizers
  • Charla Jones
The Secret One-Two Punch of the Best Skin Cream Moisturizers
This is where a thicker skin cream comes into play.

Fall has a way of getting under our skin causing some of us to rethink our skin care strategy and move to a thicker skin cream. But what’s really going on with our skin?

As outdoor temperatures start sinking, the climate can quickly turn cruel. And because there’s simply less moisture and more pollen in the air, our skin dries up.

Thanks to a combination of the cold air outside and the humidity nosedive, the surrounding dry air has the effect of pulling moisture from our skin, leaving us to do battle with a virtual skin desert landscaped with rough patches, sensitive and itchy skin.

lotions are not created equal. When skin issues pile on, we need serious moisture. But how can we tell when a moisturizer is “serious”?

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A serious moisturizing lotion will improve our skin’s health and wellness by restoring hydration and bringing on barrier protection with antioxidant-rich emollients.

Water and fat are primary needs for a healthy body, especially when addressing the needs of skin exposed to the elements without other protections. That’s another way of saying skin that doesn’t get moisturized daily.

They are true protectors that stand guard against outsider criminal elements and the kind of mayhem that can affect the tightly connected system of the body. And without them — well, bad things can happen, like dehydration.

Our first line of defense functions as the bulwark between hydration anarchy and order, keeping out harmful bacteria and toxins while standing guard to keep valuable nutrients and fluids within.

While mainstream moisturizers can give you some extra hydration in the form of water, the secret lies in understanding the important role natural oils play in making a lotion or moisturizer serious.

At Eu2Be, we call these oils “culturally-prized” because — from Athens to Africa, Amsterdam to the Aztecs — men and women have deployed powerful natural oils like the ones in Eu2Be’s rare blends for personal and functional enhancement for millennia.

Erasmus referred to these powerful oils as “the healing fats” — and you won't find them in quantities that really measure up, except in truly great moisturizers loaded with multi-functioning workhorse oils.

In short, culturally-prized skin care oils like these will keep your skin supple, moist and protected:

  • The native people of Amazonia prized the ‘Tree of Life’ for its Buriti Seed Oil — a restorative agent for skin and the richest known source oil in beta-carotene and Vitamin A for the skin. It’s responsible for the natural golden orange color in Eu2Be’s wash and oil.
  • Castor Oil is easy to dismiss as Grandma’s old-fashioned cure for whatever ails you, but it's well known throughout most of the world for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Mango Seed Butter has been used for centuries by the people of South Asia to nourish hair and skin, treat dryness, eczema, even dandruff. The butter created from our sustainably wild-harvested Mango Seeds is a culturally prized ingredient that multi-tasks to boost elasticity and hydration.
  • And the relationship between Japan and Rice Bran Oil has been cultivated for over two thousand years—as a staple in both diet and skin care throughout Asia.

Within our blend of powerful oils, you’ll even discover a few summer shout-outs, which are the perfect helpers as the winter weather takes a turn. After all, fruits and flowers are some of nature’s most enriched skin protectors.

  • The inner sunshine of Sunflower Seed Oil is not only high in vitamins A, C, D and E, but also essential fatty acids and antioxidants that fight off free radicals and bring renewed hydration to your skin.
  • And a personal favorite (also Lupita Nyong’o’s), is the bountiful green elixir Avocado Oil, chock-full of antioxidants and Omega-3 acids, as well as vitamins A, D and E and healing fatty acids.

Your skin’s needs are always changing due to the fact that the skin is constantly regenerating itself. The key to healthy skin is to keep track of its changing landscape and provide it with the appropriate skin care regimen.

Through proper care and never exposing your skin to the elements without protection, winter’s skin woes can fall away, leaving you hydrated and healthy.

Despite the claims, there is no single magic ingredient. Serious moisture involves a combination of hard-working, culturally-prized skin care oils and hydrators that get the job done.

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  • Charla Jones

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