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The Power of Wish
The power of the wish and Brazilian wish bracelets

Wish bracelets have been a tradition for centuries in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, and behind these bright colors lay hopes and dreams that are very real.

The allure of Brazil has inspired us from the start — it’s in our culturally prized ingredients, our quest to be the guardian of your skin, and in our love of the creative spontaneity of Brazil’s vibrant street art, from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana and Ipanema.

We’re bringing the irrepressible creativity of Brazil with us to the Cosmoprof beauty trade show in Las Vegas—with wish bracelets galore and a spectacular artwork by the world-renowned Boston-based artist Caleb Neelon.

UPDATE: Eu2Be won a Trendsetter Award at Cosmoprof North America 2016, an honor placing us in the Top 5% of more than 1,300 brands at the largest beauty show in the Americas!

Just as they do in Brazil, in America we’ve created rituals and traditions to name and speed our wishes, secretly conveying them to a higher power.

We wish upon a star, cast white fuzzy seeds of dandelions to the wind and blow out ever more candles on our birthdays. We dispatch the articulation of what is important to us to tosses of buttons, cloth and coins into fountains.

Wishes come from somewhere in our depths, at our most vulnerable edges, where our efforts have been spent or we just don’t know what to do to bring about our desire.

Yet, while we want to believe in the power of wishes, somehow we’ve always known that it’s not enough just to wish.

So I find myself thinking about the beautiful prose on the power of the wish and Una Spenser, a heroine realized in the novel Ahab’s Wife by the Harper Lee Award-winning writer Sena Jeter Naslund.

Una has the audacious determination to craft the story of her own life, and she does so by rolling the dice and putting it all on the line—Vegas-style.

Indeed, a wish is an intangible thing, until we speak it, so I’ll say it here: I wish for a consensus on one simple point—that everyone wants and deserves to feel safe in their own skin. 

Naslund said it best:

“If you remembered
   somebody was as real
     as yourself,
  how could you
       kill anybody?”

Thanks to evolution, skin became our first line of defense—our biological protection from outside forces—and it should never be a trigger for the condemnation of who we are on the inside.

I invite you to share your wishes too! What are you wishing for? Take a moment to post your wish as we send out wishes for a great show at Comsoprof.


Photo of Eu2Be founder Charla Jones putting every #%@#! wish to work for us.

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  • Charla Jones
  • InspirationMindulfnessWellness

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