• The Power of Culture to Inform, Protect & Inspire
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The Power of Culture to Inform, Protect & Inspire
the old and new cultures of Mexico City beautifully collide

“Way down here you need a reason to move,” James Taylor sings in Oh Mexico, and “that reason to move” is something we value about Mexican culture.

Stateside however, culture is moving us to take to the streets, the phones, Twitter and beyond, in new and exciting ways.

Women's March

Culture is more than a set of beliefs and customs — it’s our acceptance and understanding of them, as refined through generations.

Culture is also what moved me to discover and cultivate Eu2Be’s “culturally-prized” skin conditioning oils and ingredients.

natural skin care

In fact, “culturally-prized” was the gold standard by which I selected and formulated Eu2Be’s award-winning rare blends.

I say “gold standard” because “culturally-prized” embodies what works, what doesn’t, what’s acceptable and what’s not, handed down from generations of ancestral achievement. 

For instance, Pacific Islanders have used Tamanu Oil as an anti-bacterial skin healing aid for centuries. And that's why it is among the bad-ass superstar oils that make Eu2Be the optimum choice for moisturizing, softening and protecting your bare skin. Just check out these 5 Secrets of Tamanu Oil for Skin Care.

Precisely because it is born from the power of culture to inform, protect and inspire, Eu2Be’s Essential Bare Skin Collection is high-functioning — and highly effective.

My recent trip to Mexico served up huge insights about the way people blend spirit and corporal life in their culture — the interior and exterior — and caused me to redefine my concept of barriers and borders.

Take for example the emotive architecture of Luis Barragán, his distinctively iconic yellow and pink are present in the Chapel of the Capuchins.

Visitors are at once cloaked in a golden and contemplative silence that rings loud and clear:

Perhaps real freedom has less to do with setting up boundaries and more to do with exploring them.

And imagine a holiday that places the soul’s journey at its center—where families and communities invest days and months preparing to celebrate a life once lived.

Day of the Dead altars Dia de los Muertos Mexico city

This is exactly what happens every year In Huequechula, a town that attracts visitors from near and far to experience Mexico’s national holiday, Dia de Los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.”

Streets Paved in Gold

Marigolds feature prominently in the holiday’s celebrations. They sit atop cakes and on sugar skulls, on carefully constructed, ornate altars and as grave decorations.

And most impressively, their artfully placed petals point the pathway to home.

There was something immensely comforting about seeing them, a recognizable sign, while wandering through uncharted territory, knowing that they point the way to welcome respite.

Marigolds line the paths of Mexico City Dia de los muertos

Marigold petals at the threshold of an open door is a sign of welcome, an invitation to enter and spend time in front of a family raised altar of photos, mementos and favorite foods of their beloved deceased.

Mexico City dia de los muertos stairway decorations

And the custom is to respectfully offer a small gift of wax candles to honor the dead, and to rest and reflect on life and its sudden passages. It’s a chance to be still and regard the path of our own lives.

Mexico City flower market

Over time and practice marigolds became known as the as “flor de muerto” in Mexico in the same way the prized buriti seed palm was proclaimed to be “the tree of life” amongst people of the Amazon.

Tried, true and tested over time, culture is what moved this to happen. From using the golden petals of the marigold to find our way home, or the enriching oil of the buriti seed to bring our dry, dehydrated skin to life, the path is always there.

We celebrate and invite everyone to avail culture’s enduring power to inform, protect and inspire us.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Clean BeautyGreen BeautyInspirationNatural Skincare ProductsSkin Care RitualsTravel

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  • Feb 06, 2017

    This is a beautiful respite of what is happening in our world right now…. so beautiful and calming…. thank-you for the chance to breathe!!!

    — roberta

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