• Take Five & Vibe: The Mother of All Self Care Strategies
  • Charla Jones
Take Five & Vibe: The Mother of All Self Care Strategies

Music healing power and the BuddhaI’ve written often about beauty being a creative force for wellbeing, and the beauty of music is no less a force to reckon with — for mindfulness and a motherlode of nurturing gifts.

We know how music has the power to move and reconnect with ourselves, with each other and with the way beyond.

I especially love how music can move us into "the way beyond” — but how can music tune us into the mother of all self-care strategies?

First, in both our communal and our personal lives, music and song often accompany some of our most transformative moments and movements.

Second, I can’t help but think about how small acts can often be the most powerful in bridging the distance and making the difference between where we are, who we are and where we intend to go. 

So it occurred to me that we can use music’s powerful connections, not just for revolutions or changing minds, but also to achieve more mindfulness in a very practical way.

For example, what if you use the length of a favorite song to moisturize, soak or even meditate? Imagine the impact that just the length of one song could have to stimulate more depth and ease in your world!

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Musicians are already tuned into this vibe, and artists like my cousin Robert Northern, a.k.a. Brother Ah, have a special gift for all of us.

Brother Ah jazz legend music inspiration via Wire

From the legendary Town Hall Orchestra recordings with Thelonious Monk to Miles, Coltrane, Gil Evans, Donald Byrd, Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, Quincy Jones, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the new experiments on his horizon, Brother Ah has been exploring the music of the mind for over half a century, starting at a time when jazz was expanding our understanding of music’s immense power and range.

Living truth and beauty across the continents for decades, Brother Ah (featured in the March 2017 issue of The Wire) is a jazz legend and now Washington DC’s treasured “jazz guru” on WPFW radio's The Collectors. He shares his gift over the airwaves, pressed in beautiful reissued recordings, and through communications with students. 

Brother Ah jazz DJ WPFW FM

We family members are proud of him for sure, and I have long admired his dedication to making music in all of its expressions and especially his embrace of the multicultural power of music. 

I especially love how he has used music (or has music used him?) to move us to dance as he did at President Obama's first inaugural celebrations, where he and George Clinton rocked the State of Hawaii's Aloha Ball, or to set the mind to a more peaceful vibe.

As a renowned composer, instrumentalist and director of the World Music Ensemble, Brother Ah embodies something I value very much—music roots from around the world, education and the preservation of music traditions. My focus on selecting ingredients for Eu2Be that are “culturally prized” is much informed by what we gain by learning about how others live, the ingredients and foods they eat and the music they make.

"Brother Ah embodies something I value very much — the preservation of traditions that also inspires Eu2Be's 'culturally prized' approach to skin care ingredients."

So when you use Eu2Be products—from our essential skin care line to our handmade bar soaps and candles — you’re not just getting the very best ingredients that Mother Nature intended for your skin, you’re also getting a world of traditions in every touch.

Now, before the rest of spring’s blossoms put forth their smears of pink, purple and white and we find ourselves inundated with the social rhythms of spring, a bit of “Take Five” to vibe and thrive is in order.

In the interest of preserving what is precious to you, I think you’ll be amazed to discover what the power of a single song can do for you, your skin, and your beauty from within.

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  • Charla Jones

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