• Are You In Touch With The Healing Power of Touch?
  • Charla Jones
Are You In Touch With The Healing Power of Touch?
The power of touch is in your hands

There’s a good reason touch is the first of our senses to develop — it’s our secret (and most overlooked) evolutionary advantage.

It’s the way we discover our own bodies from our time in the womb, and by the time we’re born we can distinguish self-touch from touch by someone else.

Think of how reassuring it feels when a friend puts a hand on your shoulder or how relaxing a quick neck rub feels during a long desk session.

If something as simple as a hug when greeting someone can lift your spirits, we know touch has the power to connect, soothe, nurture and heal.

According to research, the human touch is impressively therapeutic curing ills, reducing stress, enhancing sleep and even improving our mood.

I created Eu2Be products with the power of touch being top of mind.

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From application to admiration, the lush, creamy texture of our Nurture + Nourish Lotion is very much by design — and much beloved for its caress-worthy, smooth-as-silk feeling. 

Feeling out of touch?

It seems like physical contact is out of fashion in some circles, and in fact, new studies have shown that we’re being less tactile than ever.

Just consider how impersonal our world has become:

  • Paper money is falling by the wayside with digital payments
  • The culture-born practice of feeling fruit for ripeness is being replaced with grocery delivery services that make “inconvenient” store visits obsolete
  • We can’t be bothered to get our hands dirty to make a cup of coffee (sad!)
  • And as friends go, our Facebook “friend” likes increase in perfect step with the stats on our loneliness and disconnection

I worry that before long, the only familiar things our fingers will caress will be our keyboards.

Even the ritual of skin care is under threat.

There was a time when luxuriating in the bath was a beloved ritual of self-care — and we increasingly rush our skincare routines to get to something “more important", rather than taking just 5 minutes in caring for our skin.

Moisturizing your skin with enriching oils and nourishing creams après-soak was one of our most empowering acts of wellness to be savored.

Now Instagram pages show cabinets full of all-in-one products. And what’s up with all the co-conditioning cleansers and spray-on moisturizers?

It’s not enough to spend long hours at the office, where we’re encouraged to lean in, yet rush out the door to get there. Why is taking time for ourselves often balanced against corporate interest?

Touching and feeling go hand-in-hand especially in self-care, but few rarely acknowledge the differences between the two:

Touching is physical contact, while feeling is the sensation that touch brings about — the mindful reaction.

Like the feeling that you’re doing something good for yourself when you’re applying moisturizer, it’s the powerful duo of action and reaction that soothes and nurtures both mind and body.

Feel All the Feels.

Every day is the perfect day to practice the art of touch through the care of your skin — and here are 3 simple ways to engage the power of touch and all of its benefits:

  • Reintroduce everyday rituals that involve your hands, like being a maker, caressing more often and bathing with care
  • Step into the confidence-building role as guardian of your skin by taking time daily to lay the foundation of looking and feeling great by moisturizing with lotion or oil
  • Bring back that loving feeling with the power of your own touch— give yourself a foot massage or spend a few minutes lavishing your scalp with a sudsy wash

The mindful care of your skin is a practice that can center and ground you for the entire day.

Creating touch-able skin is all about creating a personal benefit for you. And the compliments you get about your healthy glow from others – well, that’s just a bonus.

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  • Charla Jones

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