• The Empowering Act of Showing Up
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The Empowering Act of Showing Up
Maruja Mallo's La Verbena Street Festival painting

Showing up for the important stuff is a challenge we face everyday — children, family, work and more all claim first dibs for our sweet attention, and lately I’ve been admiring the wonderful ways people are showing up for others with whom their only connection is human.

I recently went to New York to attend the CEW Beauty Awards because this is an organization that really knows how show up for Indie Brands, and of course, women.

The amazing impact of these Cosmetic Executive Women ensures that small indie brands like Eu2Be have access to the influencers and thought leaders from beauty giants like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Target, QVC and more.

They’re helping to ensure a place for women at the forefront of a beauty and personal care market in the US worth $82.15 billion in 2016.

And since I was in NYC, I couldn’t resist adding my presence to the female body politic and showing up for the Women’s March in Washington Square.

The RESIST NYC movement in action

Yes, showing up is an empowering act that all of us deserves to experience.

Movements don’t happen just because someone had an idea, and the same can be said for brands — they don't become successful just because products get made.

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Ideas can be powerful, especially ones that have heft and weight. There are many well-conceived (and well-intentioned) grand ideas that nonetheless get shelved due to a lack of support.

Dreams are realized because everyday people like you and me dare to show up in some small way.

We juggle the many family and work obligations vying for our time and fulfill them because we have to. We’re more than capable of doing our part on these fronts.

The point I really want to make is this—once our day gets started, it’s hard to show up for ourselves against the competing interests of children, family, work, and more. But small luxuries that easily fold into what you’re already doing every day can be an empowering asset that ensures your ability to show up 'for you.'

Self-Care Isn't Selfish

And that’s why I created Eu2Be — nourishing, luxurious everyday skin care essentials for the body, made of rare blends of up to 15 high-functioning, skin-conditioning oils.

Don’t just shower — give yourself a 5-minute spa experience. Don't just slap on some do-nothing lotion. Be the guardian of what is precious to you, starting with moisturizing your skin. 

It takes just five minutes to nourish, protect and care for yourself — and the lasting results will pay off not just throughout the day, but for your entire life. 

It’s the surefire way to lay the foundation for looking and feeling good at any age. And more importantly, it ensures that the person who’s always watching where your precious attention goes (and how you show up) gets what she needs.

That person would be “Eu” — you.

In the end, it is up to each of us to show up, protect and preserve what is precious.

The image is a detail from Maruja Mallo's wonderful La Verbena Street Festival painting.

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  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessNatural Skincare ProductsSkin Care RitualsWellness

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