• It’s Summertime. And the Living is Inside.
  • Charla Jones
It’s Summertime. And the Living is Inside.

Inside Canyonlands National Park

There’s SO much beauty outside right now that all I want to do is surrender to nature’s intoxicating energy on these gloriously warm, gorgeous days.

Summer simply stuns the senses, but the recent untimely losses of some of our most accomplished, beautiful and successful people have caused me to pivot inward and take a look at life from the interior view.

As Pinterest puts our idealized lifestyle within our hands, one pin at a time we get lulled by the perfect images and stories they project.

Feeling bored? Check Instagram. Are you lonely tonight? Catch up on Facebook and feel connected. Or dejected. It’s easy to forget that our sisters’ ideas of beauty may not, in fact, be our own.

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Nothing against any of our beloved social platforms, but before our visual cravings were captured by Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, the late imaginative trailblazer Kate Spade tapped into the idea of an interior world with a brilliant creative project turned page-turner of a book entitled CONTENTS.

As a show of my enthusiasm for the shift from seeing what’s outside to look at what’s inside, I scored Kate Spade’s CONTENTS #1178.

Kate Spade Contents Book

A treasured collector’s item, this limited-edition numbered book captured the contents inside the handbags of many notable women — editors, freelancers, full-time moms, restaurant owners, florists, writers, teachers and photographers…

Each woman revealed her “always in my bag” items, like Palm Pilots, Filofax and appointment books, along with glasses, wallets, LOTS of lipstick… and of course, “cell phones” that look as though they belong in the museum of ancient technology.

Here’s what Andy and Kate wrote in the book’s forward:

While the outside of a handbag, backpack, or briefcase has seemingly infinite aesthetic possibilities — its material, shape, handles, zippers, seams and pocket — isn’t it what’s inside the bag ultimately more compelling?

It’s true. What’s inside is far more compelling.

The beauty that is my passion isn’t one of makeup and mirrors — though I do have a little lipstick addiction, I LOVE the make-you-feel-good, natural approach to skin care like Eu2Be — but rather it is beauty as a creative force for wellbeing.

Because beauty is SO much more than glamour, pausing for the inward focus puts us directly in contact with this beauty:

It’s the beauty that lets you know when you’ve done your best work

It’s what moves you when listening to a piece of music

It quickens your breath when you stand before a great work of art

It’s the beauty that pulses through you when you’re in nature

It’s reflected back to you from a beautiful garden or a fabulously crafted meal

Even amid summer’s outer beauty, I believe it is this inner beauty that saves us — and it is always present within each of us, just waiting for our attention.

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  • Charla Jones

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