• The Day Is Long, Summer's Solstice
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The Day Is Long, Summer's Solstice
A Summer Solstice paradise found at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida

To me, the solstice times are magical, so I asked poet and friend of Eu2Be GennaRose Nethercott to cast her spell with a few verses tapped out on her vintage 1952 Hermes typewriter.

The pendulum swings toward summer.
We bloom & unfurl & release in the new heat.

Maybe we are lilacs or maybe
we are lupins spearing along highway meridians

or maybe human — though it is all the same.
We all slip back into our skins as the season finds us

as if living were a coat we take on
& off as living suits us.

The day is long. Light is a crop
we seize & harvest & feed

to our young in fat loaves of sunbread.
Don't pretend you can tell the difference between

your hands & a tulip. Between your hair & a field
of jasmine. Between one summer & another.

All you know (all any of us knows) is that the sky
has never been more easy to love.

— GennaRose Nethercott


Eu2Be founder Charla Jones snapped the photo while attending a WWD Beauty CEO conference at The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida.

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  • Charla Jones
  • CreativityInspiration

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