• It's Summer! Let Your Senses Be Notorious.
  • Charla Jones
It's Summer! Let Your Senses Be Notorious.
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June is for celebrating the burst of summer, with all the lightness of your being.

Who can say no to the bevy of June’s brightness and beauty? Its radiance fills us with cheer and hope, giving us a peek into all things giving rise to beauty and the beautiful. Yes, June is full of conditions under which beauty dwells.

In June, beauty doesn’t have to fight against very much in order to be perceived or experienced — just step out the front door (or back door for that matter), and you'll find yourself smack in the middle of bountiful bliss.

All around us are reminders to let our senses be notorious.

For once, and even if only for a few moments, we can forget about boundaries and simply be abundant and full.

Even grass in June doesn’t hold back or measure itself — it seems to be saying, “Keep up if you can!”

June is an inspiring month, where the living and inanimate alike seem to have the spirit or burning passion to make the most of the great potential before us. Not the "hunk of burning love" you were warned about as a teenager, but the kind of potential that taps into beauty and love.

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So I had a few thoughts about making this your private summer of love:

  1. Okay, hear me on this. Nothing can be started in earnest until you start eating cherries. That’s right, it’s cherry season! Don’t miss out on the most delicious cherries of the summer. Go ahead, splurge, you deserve it. Timeliness is a thing and although you’ll find them in the market, I promise you, they won’t taste the same as they do now.
  2. Keep looking up. One of the beauties of June is the reminder of the advantages to be gained by having a heavenward glance. It’s a masterpiece just for you: cloud formation, stars and the like. Take your pick and often. Because…
  3. According to physicist John Hitchcock, we literally are stardust. Who knew?!! Well, fireflies and dragonflies got the memo. Don’t forget to shine, big and bright, find empowering ways to let your light out.
  4. Summertime is playtime for all! Get out and play—get under the stars, in the water, on the sand and beyond. Being in nature is the cure all medicine for all of us.
  5. And maybe this is the biggest message of the solstice: trust yourself to the light— be warmed by it, even in times when you may not feel guided by it. Summer is a season where all of nature is alive and beaming. Sometimes just being with that alone is enough.

So let’s accept the invitation to open up and be radiant. Let me know how you intend a summer of love, self-love that is.

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  • Charla Jones

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