• What The New Beauty Editors Are Saying About Eu2Be Lotion
  • Charla Jones
What The New Beauty Editors Are Saying About Eu2Be Lotion

New Beauty's Beauty Report skin care review

We’re excited about being in Beauty Report’s Fall issue and had SO much fun participating in their Beauty Report Live event in New York. 

Here's what the editors said: "When dry skin craves silky, nongreasy moisture, reach for this nutrient-rich body soufflé. It's rich, creamy and super hydrating, but the soufflé consistency makes it feel light... to meet the needs of highly discerning, health-minded women who desire noticeably healthy, touchable skin."

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As an award-winning indie beauty brand seeking to connect with other skin care leaders, beauty influencers and most importantly beauty-minded consumers, this event was one of the best — just check out this Instagram stream!

New Beauty Live fashion report Eu2Be founder Charla Jones

New Beauty Live also had a gorgeous venue going for it — and hard work behind the scenes by the truly amazing New Beauty team led by President Agnes Chapski and Editor in Chief Emily Dougherty.

New Beauty Live was also great because we had the chance to engage with some VERY cool New Beauty consumers.

New Beauty Live 2018 fashion

For us, the challenge with being part of Tuesday’s event was how to make natural emollients sexy with live Botox injections and enticing collagen shot cocktails on offer.

Eu2Be founder Charla Jones and guests at New Beauty Live

Taking a page from our own editorial mindset as beauty bloggers, we attuned to nature and the recent Harvest Moon to invite guests into a space transformed with natural elements of the harvest and earth — stones, crystals and Brazilian wish bracelets of the Bahia tradition.

New Beauty Live skin care display Eu2Be natural skin care

My thinking was, humans have long been captivated by the moon, intuitively sensing the connection between our lives here on earth with its status. 

And although we may never know the origins of the first wish, the power of wishing most certainly began with the first humans, rooted in a longing for something within their realm of possibility.

For a natural skin care brand that values cultural traditions, this was a winning combo of ancestral wisdom passed down through the ages with intriguing possibilities.

So we engaged attendees with tools to celebrate and ritualize the Harvest Moon: Eu2Be Shower + Soak Soap for a Harvest Moon bath or shower, Harvest Moon Mantras and a bountiful choice of crystals and essential stones. 

We even captured the moment with near-instant joys of the Polaroid with many a wish cast with Brazilian wish bracelets.

Speaking of the power of cultural traditions, in Bahia under the influence of Candomble, the African religion practiced by slaves hundreds of years ago, colorful ribbons, “the Bahia Bands” or Brazilian wish bracelets are said to bring the wearer their heart’s desire as symbolized in the color of their bracelet and good luck.

So thank you editors— and thanks to all who made the event a night to remember!

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  • Charla Jones

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