• What the Changing Seasons Tell Us About Caring for Our Skin
  • Charla Jones
What the Changing Seasons Tell Us About Caring for Our Skin
Autumn leaves and skin care for the changing seasons

When I'm asked about Eu2Be’s origins, I often point to my Aunt Eugenia for inspiring the “Eu” in Eu2Be, but the full story is more complicated.

I was taught about oils and skin care before I had my first chemistry class. I learned about mixing this lotion with that oil to get a desired effect, and more importantly, why this was important. I was shown how to notice when my skin was dry but learn nothing about wrinkles. Learning how to pay attention to what was happening with my skin is one of my great inheritances.

It’s given me a healthy appreciation for the complexity of ingredients and how they work with the constant changes in our skin.

Now with autumn upon us, nature reminds us that change is part of life, and that the way things are is not the way they’ll continue to be.

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While warm Indian Summer days and golden sunsets push me out the door headlong to make haste and be productive, the chill of the night’s air and fading leaves changing from greens to reds and yellows leave me feeling a bit of angst about the months of hibernation inevitably approaching.

Farmers pause to consider the bounty of life with thoughts of how to best prepare and organize themselves for achieving the life they hope for. Being attuned with nature, teaching our young by example and showing them what conditions to look for, like how to pinch back plants and get two new stems from one is the true art of being prepared. 

Take the harvest for example. For as long as humans could till the ground, we’ve celebrated the harvest by giving thanks for what we reaped from our labors and from seeds planted long ago.

Intuitively understanding that action follows consideration and not the other way round, farmers commit to small daily plans of action that one on top of the other, add up to a field of dreams.

And who among us isn’t filled with delight at the first sight of spring crocuses, daffodils or tulips? Those hopeful green shoots that make their way through the brown, bare earth. It's such a great example of acts of preparedness in the fall producing beautiful outcomes in the spring.

There’s an art to preparation and turning our outer focus inward — so I’m writing about nature and the harvest because it’s relevant to our thinking about beauty and skin care.

Nature doesn’t exist just to provide great skin care ingredients, she bestows life-affirming insights that nourish our beauty and wisdom within.

We live lives of abundance and don’t even know it, the proof being that many of us long for the skin we used to have or the body we used to live in, all the while, not taking stock of the harvest that lay right before us in this precious moment.

You were beautiful then, there is beauty for you in this moment as surely as you have beauty yet to come.

Even if you weren’t taught habits that transverse time and trends, you can draw upon the generous insights unfolding right before your eyes during this autumn season.

Nature draws back into itself, but there will be beauty in the rebirth that follows.

As with Eu2Be’s earliest origins, there’s a life-changing lesson in learning the power of investing in your inner life, your skin and body: Yours is the power to prune, plant and till the soil of your best life — your best skin — and as it turns out, we are ripe for the harvest.

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  • Charla Jones

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