• Putting MLK's 'Thick Action' into Action Every Day
  • Charla Jones
Putting MLK's 'Thick Action' into Action Every Day
MLK Martin Luther King Sculpture Stone of Hope Washington, DC

Maybe we need more than a single day to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy.

The Martin Luther King holiday itself is representative of a long struggle that frankly continues to this day, and it's asking a question that demands something from each of us: What are “Eu” building with your actions?

It’s not enough to show up at the polling place every two or four years, mark our ballots and leave. Dr. King advised, “democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth.”

I think he’s talking about what we do — not on the dedicated days we set aside to perform community deeds, or simply to be civil — but what specific actions are we taking every day to ensure that there’s love for all skin that’s lived in?

Doesn’t everyone’s beauty from within deserve '2Be' nurtured?

I’m writing about this because skin is political, and Eu2Be is all about elevating care for your skin.

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We express our beliefs, not by what might be held in our hearts, but by our beliefs about skin in all of its hues, and through daily actions, which have rather serious implications for skin and life.

'Thick action' means we can’t disconnect our actions from our communities any more than we can disconnect them from ourselves.

And when Dr. King said ”the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice," what connects our moral universe with the justice we deserve? 

The moral universe is where we are willing to ask, am I making choices in the direction of social change and outcomes I want to support? A quick look at how much diversity resides in your socials might provide some clues.

This isn’t a mandate for marching, just as it's not a mandate to moisturize or exfoliate the skin you live in.

But justice, truth and beauty are for every body. And although an endless capacity for these qualities resides within us, they’re not always on tap — they require “thick action” and daily engagement.

We get to decide what we’re willing to do — what actions we’re willing to take — to hold up our end of the arc of justice.

From our democracy to our skin, taking time each day for reflection upon the impact of our words, actions and rituals is doing the right thing.

Our actions add up, no matter how insignificant they might now seem, and have a profound impact on the arc of our lives.

Even if you think no one else is looking, think twice about these issues. They touch your life.

Here’s the big concern of our times: “Eu” can’t save your skin without some dignity and “thick action” being afforded to mine — because the arc is held up by the human tribe.

So if your perception of yourself puts you on the right side of beauty, fairness and justice, now more than ever, layer on the thick action with reflection and service every day.

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  • Charla Jones

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