• Here's What I Think Made Muhammad Ali 'The Greatest'
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Here's What I Think Made Muhammad Ali 'The Greatest'
Remembering Muhammad Ali, The Greatest

It’s hard to imagine now, but...

There was a time when many thought Muhammad Ali was full of himself and that he went too far — in the ring, in politics, on war and race. Luckily he was, and he took us with him. And in doing so brought us closer to greatness.

Ali delivered the punch, exhibited bravery with his feet, and he stood unafraid to hold firm. He marched and he danced — in the ring and with the joy of life.

Boxing was his stage, and life was the theater where his bold poetry played out.

And he never shied away from the substantive uncertainties of our times. Standard setter. Boundary breaker. Lover of beauty. Graceful warrior. Ferocious fighter. And champion of the human heart.

But above all, Ali, you challenged all of us to define ourselves in new ways.

Thank you, we love you and we will miss you, Muhammad Ali. With gratitude...


Love that photo by Stanley Weston.

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  • Charla Jones
  • Inspiration

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