• Good Grief! Comforting Ourselves in the Face of Loss
  • Charla Jones
Good Grief! Comforting Ourselves in the Face of Loss
Giving in to the boundless seas

Just as we ease into the blissful laziness of summer, a luxury achieved only under the sun-filled weight of August, it all abruptly comes to an end.

In a culture more attuned to skipping to the last chapter of the book, in real life, it’s getting to the point where most of us would rather just skip the end altogether and not know how it goes.

Although endings are an inevitable fact of life, we take great pains to avoid them.

Perhaps it’s that a couple of treasured people in my life recently experienced painful losses, or maybe it is the passing of an era's stalwarts — Aretha Franklin, Kofi Annan, John McCain, Neil Simon — that got me thinking about loss and grief.

It’s also that we are bidding farewell to summer and endings always remind us to make the most of what remains.

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So, it makes sense to share a few thoughts about grief, where absence is hardest to endure, and it’s the little things, the habits and sayings that take hold of our memory in unexpected moments.  

Like reading a book, grief does the difficult job of pushing us through the chapters of feelings: depression, anger, emptiness, sorrow and more — it’s the Sherpa we so desperately need to navigate the emotional ruins we were once blissfully unaware of, when sorrow was something other people felt, and safety was a given.

To experience grief is to inhabit the shadows, yet grief is the greatest self-replenishing resource that the gods ever invented — and living its experience brings gratitude, love and grace.

While the outside world keeps moving along, grief pauses time so that we can stand still and inhabit the moment long enough to experience the beauty of where we live. And when I miss my loved ones, I turn the pages of my memories and let beauty work its healing wonders.

Memories are a powerful, creative channel of comfort and resolution, but the truth is, we‘ve only ever lived in a single place: Our bodies.

And all is revealed through the body: pleasure, pain, conviction, conflict, anxiety and assurance — and it’s the reason we spend hundreds of millions on skin care products that promise to reverse or ward off the loss our youthful skin.

That’s precisely why part of the Eu2Be skin care experience is to encourage mindful, enriching care for the body.

The comfort we seek is right here: Beauty’s providence shines through us always, even when we grieve, enabling a fluency between us, our loves ones and the natural world around us, reminding us that we are never alone. Beauty is preserving and sustaining us in all times.

The beauty we value at Eu2Be has little to do with youthful skin and everything to do with the rare privilege of self care that lays a foundation for healthy skin, healing love and so much more.

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  • Charla Jones

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