• Finding Beauty Amid February's Focus on the Heart
  • Charla Jones
Finding Beauty Amid February's Focus on the Heart
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Have you heard the saying, what you pay attention to thrives, and what gets ignored, falls away?

It’s an interesting thought for the short, focused month of February, so named for the Roman spring festival of washing and purification.

While February’s focus on chocolate, bubbly and romantic dinners may not be the best example of “purity,” who can blame us in the wake of January’s strident velocity of resolutions and willpower?

Purity doesn’t exactly rock our mojo this month — but a sense of longing does, as L.O.V.E. takes center stage — finding it, getting it, making it and rewarding it.

Even as we prioritize matters of the heart, February is a rough month on the scale of psycho-emotional cycles, yet it invites us to see its wonders through the lens of our heart’s boundless desires.

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Romantic poet John Keats focused his poetic powers on bringing meaning and solace to humanity.

Who could have guessed that an English surgical student’s lasting impact would be insightfully rich poems about beauty, love and the human condition?

Like so many artists fueled by their dislocation and suffering, February’s focus gives us a chance to do something creative with our vulnerabilities.

Nothing summons Love out from the shadows like taking pleasure in the Beauty around you.

So during a month when we are hellbent on pursuits that stimulate endorphins, spoil yourself with a bit of focus on the beauty around you.

Cultivate some depth in your everyday living — and embrace the everyday. 

Take notice of what warms your heart. Take stock of your library, both books, and music. Keep only the items that nurture a sense of connection and soulfulness within.

Beyond his famous maxim, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," Keats said it best, “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” 

So during the shortest month of the year, let’s sharpen our focus to entice the sweetness hidden in the shadows of everyday life.

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  • Charla Jones

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