• Being Your Best Self Is Closer Than You Think
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Being Your Best Self Is Closer Than You Think

A friend of mine said it best on New Year’s Eve: “Things got real” in 2016.

If ever there was a year to demonstrate the power of paying attention to the small things, 2016 put us all on notice: 

  • Anything can happen—especially the least expected 
  • Life is finite, so we best get right with that fact real soon
  • And small, seemingly insignificant details can become the big stuff  

Lessons learned, right? And while these truths came to light in losing so many beloved luminaries, not to mention a fraught election year, I realized that they’re equally true with respect to the actions we take toward caring for ourselves. 

So I’m proposing the way forward in 2017 is 2Be Involved—not just with our communities, but also with ourselves.

Spend more time on the mat. Get to the gym. Start the diet. It’s the time of year when we act with great intention to bring about desired change. 

And I think that what we are truly after is closer than we think. 

Owning Your Own Beauty.

Beauty is such a misunderstood presence in our daily lives, especially under the influence of an industry bent on superficiality, youth and celebrity.

That’s why, even for its most arduous suitors, beauty remains elusive.

It’s a haunting idea that "everyone is beautiful" when you see the grind of public life peeking out even from glamorized faces.

But 2017 is our year to take notice of beauty in a more explicit way, starting with changing our focus to the subtle glimpses and private moments when our own true beauty reveals itself.

I believe we each have another life within, away from the public self we present to the world. Beauty is not a pose or a single look and neither are we.

And this is what I designed Eu2Be products for — beyond the impressive and effective ingredients story, our daily skin care regimen has the power to transform and enrich our lives by tapping into our beauty within.

Any time you direct your attention inward, your beauty within will meet you.

Just taking a few minutes every day to moisturize and care for your bare skin, the very practice of giving attention to what you’re doing will bear fruit.

We need to moisturize our bare skin not only because of what’s going on outside—although that’s a very good reasons to lotion up—but because moisturizing is also a form of self-care that attunes us to our state of being and conditions within. 

We are inarguably better at seeking sustainable beauty products than we are at seeking our own sustainable self-care practices.

But I believe our bare skin is the gateway — to the body, our subconscious, and the intimate battleground of our fragile vying identities warring to be heard.

Our best self comes to light when we notice beauty’s subtle, substantial, sophisticated intangible essence calling our attention to its possibilities and inspirations. 

We cannot be too careful about the little actions we take or those we forego.

So as you begin again in the new year creating goals and aiming to do the right thing, start small — empowered by small acts and a renewed sense of our own beauty, 2017 will become a transformative year for our world.

Of all the tools we need to live life to the fullest, self-care is our most enabling, hands-on way to awaken our beauty within.


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  • Charla Jones
  • BeautyInspirationMindulfnessSkin Care RitualsWellness

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