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On Fathers
Father's Day and dreams of our daughters

I asked poet and friend of Eu2Be Gennarose Nethercott to create a few verses for Father's Day, and once again she and her vintage 1952 Hermes typewriter rose to the occasion...

These are the men who raised us —

Some whose blood matched our blood; some
whose did not. These are the men
who sang us whale songs from the ocean
of their throats.

These are the men who stay awake for us,
who wait by the phone & cannot sleep
until they know we are safe.

These are the men who are mountains.
These are the men who are houses.
These are the men who once howled into the night
when still young, who roved into pickup beds
on the merit of raised thumbs & good fortune
long before you were born.

These are the men who soften.
The men who lifted you toward shelves & stars
you longed for but could not reach.
The men who are stories.
The men who are woodsmoke, rising,
the scent still on your skin as you make your way onward.

— GennaRose Nethercott

Eu2Be founder Charla Jones photographed the street art painted by Herakut, the German street art duo Jasmin (Hera) and Falk (Akut). You can find it in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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