Be In Progress.

We’re all in progress with something—moving from one point to another, starting anew or re-starting careers, relationships, projects. Culturally, we’re geared to keep moving along the path to progress. But the path can claim the journey if you’re not paying attention.

Recently, I was in between two exciting milestones of my own:
  • At Eu2Be's recent San Francisco launch event we experienced three performances from ODC, voted Best Dance Company in SF, up-close and personal (pictured above) at my friend Joske Thompson's amazing loft.
  • Next, we were back in Boston debuting Eu2Be at an event with Joanne Rossman, whose Roslindale Village store was voted Boston Magazine’s Best Neighborhood Shop. Joanne poses as shop keeper by day, but in actuality, she’s one of the most inspiring and creative people I know.

    These are great milestones. They require lots of energy, focus and work. There are so many logistics involved with getting there.

    Yes, the in-between can be dangerous ground—or it can be the richest part. Even when we’re facing a hit list of action items a mile long, where the stresses and demands of realizing the goal creates its own geography of mayhem... there can be another way.

    I’m proposing that we be present while we are in progress. We have to make space to create moments in the middle—moments where we can breathe and feel our aliveness. Moments like being touched by a movement, a phrase, a gesture during our San Francisco launch. 

    These moments awaken us to our real self—to the place where we really live. There’s a whole other vibrant life that’s happening right beneath the surface of our skin. The place where we really live. Eu2Be’s mission is about getting us used to this as a concept.

    We can recognize the city we live in or the street we live on, but we’re not always present to the place we really inhabit: our bodies. When we do, it’s sometimes for the wrong the reasons: we’ve gotten a diagnosis, we’ve run afoul with our body’s limitations, or we scrape or bang up something and need fixing.

    Just take just 5 minutes to catch your breath. Give yourself some space, and reclaim your grasp of the landscape. Since you’re gonna take a shower or get ready for some endpoint, take 5. Consider the moment and feel your way through the movements of getting ready.

    That’s what I want Eu2Be to be for you: the feeling that you’re doing something really good for yourself, nourishing your skin and your well-being.

    Wherever you’re headed, share dispatches from your journey. Tell us how you’re transforming your life and getting closer to your milestones. We’ll be sharing ours, so please stay tuned for photos and excerpts from along the way, starting with San Francisco.  

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