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Angry Birds & The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Colorful Brazilian street art I caught while sourcing natural skin care ingredients

There’s nothing like an absurd tweet battle set off by angry little birds to make me long for the lost art of letter writing.

But take note, greatness comes from within, requiring a dedicated, inward, skillful examination of how our old, well worn stories give rise to the desire for new ones.  

It’s not the grammar, style, and correct spelling that I miss. Writing letters requires a bit more diligence and thoughtfulness compared to the quick and easy shot-over-the-bow rants that now populate the body (im)politic. 

Talk sure is cheap, but I guess enough of it creates a story. And stories are powerful, especially the ones that go unexamined—they’re the most dangerous. Socrates said it best when he said, “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

By all means, keep dashing off your texts, emails and tweets—but let’s not forgo the art of writing, because we are the keepers and makers of our own stories.

Writing our stories down and sharing them—like the quiet art of making a great cup of coffee every morning—have a calming effect, keeping our days livable and somewhat sane.

Writing often offers us a cathartic and therapeutic pathway when the traumas of daily life become too much to bear.

We write to relieve ourselves of the anxieties and pressures we experience on the way to doing great things. We write to connect. To express. And reflect. 

So why not put it in a letter? And pen the first one to you, your younger self. Share it with us or someone you value. In the spirit of walking the talk, I’ll go first.

Hey Charla,

Just so you know, "overnight success" is a myth. So be resilient. You’ll make plans and pursue your dreams for years before beauty, body and wellness align to launch a much needed, new conversation about skin care. And it will be worth it.

Your dreams will be met with the roaring noise of a marketplace obsessed with aging—or rather, not aging—but stay strong. People are absorbed by superficial ideas of beauty, getting lost in celebrity and myths that reinforce their own storied version of themselves and of the world.

But people’s stories will be worth listening to, especially from those who have done some living.

They have lines on their faces and are damn proud of it. Those lines tell stories worth examining, about living, and about skin needing a new story.

And don’t forget the marks. Whether by birth, their own actions or by life, behind every mark is a story, so listen to the stories of the people who bear them.

You’re going to discover that beauty is really a creative force for well-being.

And Charla, it won’t be enough to just make Eu2Be with amazing ingredients. It won’t be enough to be impeccably efficacious. You’ll need to go deeper and find ways to bring a world of culture and wisdom with every touch. Heads up, the revolution will be moisturized.

Despite your contrarian nature, be a joiner. Being part of a community is as important as building one because it takes a village.

You’ll find great refuge, knowledge and support in being a part of the arts and professional communities, like Cosmetics Executive Women, the Indie Beauty Expo and WWD. You’ll be pulled in unexpected directions but the result will be a vibrant community of like-minded beauty revolutionaries.

Most of all, be grateful and enjoy the journey. There’s so much to learn about the world, and finding your tribe will be a great joy. 

The fascinating people you encounter along the way will share their stories, and this more than anything will make it all precious and worthwhile.


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That's some colorful Brazilian street art shot by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones on one of her trips sourcing Eu2Be's natural skin care ingredients.

See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
Or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products

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