• Leap Day is Our Jam!
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Leap Day is Our Jam!

Leap Day sales sully Leap Day traditions

We certainly couldn't let a Leap Day go by without calling out how it perfectly symbolizes the way we do things at Eu2Be:

Do the Math…

So, every four years we sum up the hours, minutes and seconds, (5, 49 and 16 respectively to be exact), and add a day to February to make for mathematical perfection in how we keep time (thank you, Gregorian calendar!).

For many of us, it's just another day, but for others it symbolizes something more than a day created for corrective measures.

Einstein said that “not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts“ — but when you do some simple math and Take 5 for your skin to thrive morning and night, you’ll be putting up to 15 antioxidant-rich skin conditioning oils to work for you with Eu2Be lotion, oil and soap.

Nothing Superficial…

Leap day in its very essence is about perfecting our construct of time. Yet, the ways we attempt to manage time are based on imperfect constructs—and likewise, there's no one construct for beauty, and no such thing as a single magic ingredient.

Life is simply more complex (pun intended) than we often make it out 2 be, so whether you're celebrating life's beginning, end or an exchange in the middle today, we're "doing the math" and celebrating our perfect imperfections.

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  • Charla Jones
  • InspirationSkin Care RitualsTraditions

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