• A Valentine Love Talisman
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A Valentine Love Talisman
Valentine flowers love talisman

We asked Eu2Be's poet-in-residence GennaRose Nethercott to pen a talisman in celebration of loving, and being loved. Please enjoy and share!

strip the skin from the apple
to expose the sweet.

tear down curtains
to let in light.

pluck the mute
from the trumpet’s mouth.

all unsaid longings
are meant to be spoken.

love mustn’t gather
like bees
caged in the throat
in the hive of the body.

unbolt the padlock. set free the captive longing.
ask for nothing in return
but soft movement

trailing along the sill of your heart
as truth breezes loose.

— GennaRose Nethercott, February 2016

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  • Charla Jones
  • ArtInspiration

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