• Love, Self-Esteem & The Politics of ‘Likes’
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Love, Self-Esteem & The Politics of ‘Likes’
Beauty depicted in San Francisco Mission District street art

With so much political news in the headlines, I can’t help but see a connection between how 'liking' a candidate is really a parallel for our own feelings of acceptance and self-worth.

No matter the benchmark used to scale our feelings of self-worth—achievement, wealth, popularity, and of course, good looks—we all find ourselves vulnerable to not measuring up and falling short of votes.

The politics of personal ‘likes’ can have lasting effects—especially when it comes to liking ourselves.

Outside agitators can unfairly influence our voting process, which is why I’m so big on protecting the votes that are actually within our reach.

It’s good to see some positive cultural shifts happening to reduce the number of esteem killers out there, especially for women and young girls:

Still, self-esteem is ours to cultivate daily—especially amid constant pressure to meet standards of perfection and compare ourselves with others.

Where do we find it? Let's consider when it is that we feel best about ourselves:

  • We feel good when we’ve done a good thing for ourselves or others
  • We feel good when we’ve succeeded in achieving something we worked for (I call this creating a thing of beauty)
  • And sometimes it comes out of the blue, when we suddenly catch ourselves feeling good

When the secret to building self-esteem lies in casting a yes vote for creating more of these moments, we don’t have to put ourselves through the rigors of a ‘like me’ campaign.

So join me on the campaign to shift skin care beyond the aesthetics of the face to include the entire body and ‘nothing superficial’ in the beauty conversation.

Our skin isn’t just here to look nice. In addition to protecting us, it gives us agency with the world around us:

A loved one’s touch. The softness of a baby’s skin. The feeling of a warm breeze or hot bath. None would be possible without our skin.

And by the way, our skin is always broadcasting our values and internal state of affairs, with a blush of embarrassment here, a neglected dry patch there, without our even knowing it.

In keeping with the ‘You to Be’ in Eu2Be, I’m campaigning hard to elevate the role of high self-esteem as part of February’s offering of love.

After all, how can we have presence in our world if we don’t build it from within? And what’s more, we need self-esteem to combat life’s daily surprises.

When it comes to the politics of your own ‘likes’ and self-esteem, caucus, rally and get the vote! Do the work to position yourself for big wins, especially for the vote you need most—your own.

Because the simple act of skin care for the body has much needed pay-offs for self-esteem that go far beyond appearances and a pretty face.


That street art photo of the beautiful woman was captured in San Francisco's fabulous Mission District by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones.

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  • Charla Jones
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