• Finding Inspiration to Rise Above
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Finding Inspiration to Rise Above
Great street art points the way up

When we asked Eu2Be's poet-in-residence, Boston's own GennaRose, to conjure a few verses on her vintage 1952 Hermes typewriter, she rose to the occasion with these thoughts at the threshold of 2016. So no matter where you plan to go in the year ahead, Rise—because sometimes the next step through that threshold is up... 

Rise. As a clock hand rises toward noon,
toward midnight

Rise like cake flour meeting heat, like a lung accordioning with breath

Rise, but not as the sun — you are more than the sun

because a sun cannot touch, nor live, nor ask

Rise into your own body, fill

your skin with light, with movement —

a gazelle’s ballet across the shoulder blade,

a shivering of geese flying south

Rise a few inches off the kitchen floor &


Rise above the old follies, & toward grace

You will know the difference, because you are oil in water

Built to rise & keep on rising

Built to reach toward the moon, just as the oceans reach moonward

with the ever-turning tides

If you're looking for just the right words—for a partner, a child, a loved one or even yourself—you can order your own original poem by GennaRose for a thoughtful gift like no other.


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The "Southbank Finger" photo is a shot of London street art captured by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones.

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  • Charla Jones
  • ArtartistsInspirationMindulfnesspoetry

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