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Nurturing a Life of Beauty & Light
Glorious light at daybreak flying from San Diego to Boston

It was a glorious light at daybreak that captured my attention when I was flying from San Diego to Boston the other morning…

My thoughts went to what it means to find someone who lights you up, something that inspires you, and what a gift it is to live a life with good light, inside and out.

“... without darkness,
  nothing comes to birth, 
       as without light,
        nothing flowers.“

— May Sarton

For me, it’s hard not to think and talk about the light around this time of year when our winter sky dims in such noticeable measure.

Light is winter’s featured attraction—especially with the Winter Solstice, the seasonal transition point that I've touched on in previous blog posts.

The Solstice offers us a perfect transition point to pause and reflect upon what we have accomplished for the year—and what remains yet undone.

We have much to reflect upon this year at Eu2Be. It was a breakthrough year where we surpassed many exciting milestones—from our Best in Show wins at the Indie Beauty Expo, to engaging with thousands of new followers via social media and through our Nurture + Nourish Lotion sample offer.

Lotion may not be the sexiest of skin care products (that would be body oil!), but if you find your skin is dry, sensitive or dehydrated—or if you simply appreciate beautiful, healthy, touchable skin—the right body lotion works wonders.

In fact, a high quality lotion is the key beauty product for keeping skin’s healthy glow and softness in the face of winter’s chilling forces.

Once you’ve experienced the feeling of glowing, touchable skin, you will never go back to a dehydrated, dim existence. 

And the same goes for our experience with light—so let’s look at some of the ways that light can be blocked, and boosted, in our lives.

Fears are big blockers of light—and it seems to be a fact of life that we must adopt strategies for living with fear more constructively.

Wellness experts and counselors espouse examining our fears by letting them into our imagination, a practice that not only puts us in touch with ourselves, but also teaches us how to neutralize the power these fears have over our emotions.

The stresses of our busy lives—especially around the holidays—can also cast shade on our psyches. And stress not only parches our minds, it also dries out our skin.

Before founding Eu2Be, I found a connection between beauty and creativity, which drove me toward skin care as a connection between mind and body.

This is why I’m such a big believer in mindful skin care for the body as a daily routine—and even Harvard Business Review recently chimed in on the need for mindfulness in busy lives: "Mindfulness training, with significant results, is possible in just minutes a day."

Mindfulness was also a big driver for me when I created the formulations of Eu2Be skin care products, and here's why:

When you take a few minutes to care for your skin, you’re not only restoring beauty to your body, you’re also calming your mind—and making space for creativity and beauty in your thoughts which amplifies the light in your life.

I believe it’s true that our bodies know things that our cerebral functions will never consciously comprehend.

In other words, you have more assets than you realize—with beauty and light closer than you think—so take good care and explore what it means for you to be alight from the inside out.

Caring for your skin is a daily invitation for cultivating the light or embodied knowledge in your life experience.

So let’s remember to take a few moments to take in the light of each day. Happy Solstice!

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  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessSkincare RoutineWellnessWinter Skin Care

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  • Jan 08, 2016

    Thanks for the poetic reminder to stay calm and true to oneself by caring for our bodies and our minds. Bring on the light!

    — Amanda

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