• Beauty Secrets: Are You Keeping the Best Ones to Yourself?
  • Charla Jones
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Beauty Secrets: Are You Keeping the Best Ones to Yourself?
3 secret insights for transforming your own sense of beauty

Everyone has a few secrets. They can make us behave differently, but secrets also make us human—and that’s how they can unite us.

“Secrets have stories, and they can also offer truths... sometimes we believe we are keeping a secret, and that secret is actually keeping us.“

Frank Warren, the PostSecret project

Secrets give us irrefutable evidence that we navigate between two worlds—the hidden one where our secrets reside and the one we inhabit with everyone else.

The question is, how can we engage the power of secrets for the greater good where beauty is concerned? 

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We’d like to suggest these 3 insights for using secrets to transform your own sense of beauty, find deeper meaning and connect with the world you inhabit:

  1. Indulge your curiosity: Explore the origins and cultural histories of your favorite beauty ingredients. It's a fascinating pursuit.

    In addition to offering supple moisturizing benefits, skin care ingredients convey both culture and history. I know that if you take the time to learn more about them, you’ll enjoy intriguing journeys to places far and near.
  1. Share the love: Be the person who imparts a beauty secret or insight as an act of caring for someone you treasure. You’ll be remembered and cherished for ages to come.

    I can still remember when my Aunt Eugenia enumerated the superb benefits of oils for the skin, telling me of her decision to never use water again to wash her face. Right then and there, oils had my rapt attention. It’s no small wonder Eu2Be products are bulging with them. Thank you Aunt ‘Gene.
  1. Tell your story: Our skin is a canvas, showing our lines, spots, colors, scars — and wisdom. Some of us are marked from birth, but as we grow older, each of us gets to define our beauty, spill our secrets, and tell the stories of our lives.

Although our marks are often plainly visible, we do get to choose whether to share the stories of their origins. Or not.

Psst... We've all got secrets, so go ahead and indulge in the richness of their transformative powers.


The "secret eyes" photo is a shot of Hong Kong street art captured by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones.

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  • Charla Jones
  • BeautyBeauty SecretsMindulfnessNatural Skincare Ingredients

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