• It’s a moment with momentum... And it’s yours!
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It’s a moment with momentum... And it’s yours!
The beauty industry is changing—and our indie beauty skincare awards are all the more exciting

Yes, we’re having a moment. And it’s a good one for all of us who are paying attention to beauty these days.

For Eu2Be, we’re still reeling from winning BEST IN SHOW from the Indie Beauty Expo judges for both of our nominations—Skin Care for the Body and Branding. And yet the moment at hand signals something bigger—like a collective moment, with momentum building. 

The moment I’m talking about isn’t coming from the big-brand R&D labs or boardrooms—it’s the excitement coming directly from savvy consumers and small, independent beauty brands. 

Can it be that indie brands are the guys in the garage, using our passions to tinker with ingredients and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the beauty industry?

Whatever the case, we all are part of this moment. And especially you, the one who puts in that vote for indie with the wallet—proving this is not a hobby movement.

People are discovering that they can do something about their low-grade dissatisfaction with with the quick-hit, strong-scented products that fill their shelves but don’t really nourish or represent their core values.

And if you do enough label reading, you start to realize that many commonly available products are almost identical in formula.

It’s a collective moment, fortified with reviews, videos, posts and likes.

Even as the industry scrambles to adapt, a chorus of women whose skin bears lines, marks, scars and colors—who up until now have been left out of the mainstream conversation of beauty “standards”—are being heard. At last.

You, the informed consumer, are driving this change. Not governments, not organizations, but people like you who choose to care. 

“Breakthroughs are the effect, not the cause, of (technological) change,” Matt Ridley argues. And I agree. The Indie Beauty Expo is a breakthrough event because nothing happens in a vacuum and conversations are continuing beyond the venue.

It’s a beautiful conversation where we are talking to each other, listening to our needs and desires—and together, making some magic happen.

It’s anyone's guess as to how far this moment will take us or where we’ll end up. For Eu2Be, it’s a privilege to be part of something that feels real and honest.

As I often say, “Beauty is our birthright,” and everyone has a voice in this conversation—so the moment is yours, and if you’re not engaged already. It’s time for your close-up!


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  • Charla Jones
  • EntrepreneurshipNatural SkincareNatural Skincare Reviews

Reader Comments ( 2 )

  • Nov 02, 2015

    Huge congrats, Charla!

    — Kristen Tate

  • Oct 31, 2015

    Congratulations to you and Eu2Be! We (all three generations of women in our family) absolutely love your products.

    — Vera Ingrid Grant

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