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All Together Now—Go for What You Love

Taking a leap into skincare feels good when you're an Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show finalist

“Charla, you’re so contrary!”

My second grade teacher routinely chimed in with that comment behind my answers to her questions. It didn’t matter that few of us knew what she meant, though, because I was perfectly happy not following the pack.

Recently, I learned that my childhood reputation may be finally paying off, with Eu2Be being named a Best in Show finalist from the Indie Beauty Expo.

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that Eu2Be has won BEST IN SHOW from the 2015 Indie Beauty Expo judges for both of our nominated categories—body care and branding! We thank the Indie Beauty family and you, our Eu2Be Insiders and supporters, with a quote by artist + architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser:

"When many dream together, it is
     the beginning of a new reality."

I am humbled, and at the same time absolutely thrilled, by Eu2Be’s recognition among this group of stellar entrepreneurs—all of whom are driven as much by personal passion as by progressive ideals.

For me, it affirms my decision to take this journey of imagination, where I push the boundaries of how we live beauty and wellness.

In the technology sector where I found my initial success, Moore’s Law provides a reliable framework for the pace of innovation—it assuages the uncertainty of our progress. 

But nothing like that exists in the beauty industry.

And while conformity has the comfort of predictability, the impact of social media these days makes it clear that whether you’re an upstart or a heritage brand, finding the way forward is never clear.

Diving into the abyss and risking the possibility of things going very badly is sometimes the price of going for what you love.

Our biggest clues come from a very broad range of unpredictable beauty enthusiasts, so we will always be trying new things.

Beauty requires all of us—indie brands and consumers alike—to look beyond the seduction of low hanging fruit, even if it’s served up in seductive scents of grapefruit and mango.

Being part of this remarkable community of Indie Brands, gives me a sense of confidence in the good that can happen when you dive into the abyss and risk the possibility of things going very badly—in favor of going for what you love.

Look what we’ve accomplished—thank you, friends and insiders of Eu2Be!


See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials... or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products

See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
Or shop now for Eu2Be's natural skincare products.

  • Charla Jones
  • CreativityEntrepreneurshipNatural Skincare

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