• 5 Small Tools for Big Intentions in the Year Ahead
  • Charla Jones
5 Small Tools for Big Intentions in the Year Ahead
tools for realizing our dreams

Oh, the bright, early days of January and the New Year, when we are encouraged to act on our passions and take new risks.

We are full of aspirations, resolve, hopes, wishes — and for many of us anxieties.

The truth is, most of us start feeling overwhelmed or dejected by the terms inherent in realizing these big ambitions, even before the month is out.

Before we can gather the courage to venture into new possibilities, we have to take on the habitual stories running through our minds about our disadvantages, shortfalls and weaknesses that stand between who we are and who we want “2Be.”

How? Well, we have tools within our immediate possession that will impact the everyday routines that actually shape who we become.

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Let me share a few of the simple beauties that I’ve found profoundly helpful in engaging my creativity and keeping me on point as I aim to start anew: 

  1. Listen to Your Inner Voice. Extraordinary discoveries start with listening to our inner voice. It's the soft intuitive whisper of guidance, not the big mouth laying out the map you “should” take. Give your attention to those internal narratives at the beginning and end of every day and trust the voice that emerges from silence.
  1. Apply Loving Kindness Daily. The measure of our lives is assessed by how we show up, with love as the answer and kindness as a way of being. So why not start each day with small ways where you extend both to yourself and others — sometimes saying no or holding your ground is the kindest thing you can do for all concerned.
  1. Tap Your Creativity. If you’re seeking a thrilling breakthrough, your creativity is the natural order of life, so go with the flow. And don’t tell yourself you’re “not creative,” because there are small ways to tap your creative flow. By simply nurturing your creative urges: you can make something or find something creative to admire every day — a face, a drawing, a photo, a sentence — or join forces with others who are creating the change you want to see in the world.
  1. Nourish Your Body. The most important image is the one we hold up to ourselves, so take just a few minutes to invest in that self every morning. Taking good care of your body starts with addressing its needs in ways that nourish and enrich how you function — and there’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy well-cared-for body.
  1. Commit to Being Brave. Regrets are like mortal wounds to our aspirations and wellbeing, so say yes to your inner yearnings to start fresh, to be better, to seek higher ground, even when they when show up as fears. Those yearnings are all invitations to dance with your imagination and to put your trust in your heart’s desire.

Finding your passion or realizing your biggest wishes can take a lifetime. But we can act on our intentions by using the small tools at our disposal — and live this year with no regrets.

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  • Charla Jones

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