• The Purpose of Being Purposeless
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The Purpose of Being Purposeless

Slumberous August is a harbinger of a heartbreaking truth: there are only so many weeks or days left of summer’s delicious gifts.

So making the most of our time becomes a question of “If not now, when?”

What exactly is the purpose of August?

We are still bearing the weight of our well-stocked to-do-lists, and yet creating moments of purposelessness is what summer is all about.

Perhaps August’s purpose is to use its measured days to teach us to be purposeful about creating those moments of purposelessness. As author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston said,

“There is no agony like bearing
            an untold story inside you.“

This time last year we hosted Beauty with a Purpose on Martha’s Vineyard to launch a conversation with a fabulous gathering of women about the role of beauty and ritual in our lives.

This year, we’re staying on point and on purpose by bringing the conversation to NYC at the Indie Beauty Expo, a first-ever platform for brands that “adhere to the core principles of clean beauty.”

So we’re hardly doing nothing.

Paradoxically the very point of doing nothing and being purposeless isn’t just to get a better grip on demands outside of us, but rather to forge deeper insights about the complex world within us.

It’s about excavating some of our untold stories—and our story begins with the simple act of skin care for the body, where both beauty and wellness can be found through the skin care experience.

This is why Eu2Be is so purposeful about placing beauty and the body at the center of the skin care conversation. Skin care for the body has not been recognized for its truly significant role in our sense of beauty and wellbeing.

Based on our skin’s appearance alone, serious decisions and judgments are made about who we are and where we belong.

Skin is certainly relevant to our quality of life, but we are the owners of our stories, not outsiders, and each of us gets to determine which stories to live.

So however you choose to mark summer’s precious last days, we should heed August’s real purpose—a time best served by being purposeful about our purposelessness.

According to August, there are beautiful treasures yet to be excavated—and the clock is ticking.


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See our natural skincare reviews and customer testimonials.
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  • Charla Jones
  • MindulfnessWellness

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