• What Does Independence Day Really Mean?
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What Does Independence Day Really Mean?

The meaning of the American flag can remind us of our real, everyday freedom to choose

Independence Day is the one holiday when we celebrate the idea and the history of our freedom as Americans. But what does our freedom really mean, not only on July 4th, but every day?

“Freedom is nothing but 
a chance to be better.“

          — Albert Camus

I think Camus summed it up nicely. It’s about the chance to be better—not certainty, but a chance.

As we celebrate our independence this week, let’s be mindful of our freedom to choose—to take the chances we have to be better in every moment.

The chance to live better. The chance to love better. The chance to seize the advantage of possibility that exists for all of us. The chance 2Be a better you.

We often follow our daily routines without question, as if they are set in stone—as if we are bound by the clock, our habits, and our own self-image. But isn’t this the opposite of freedom and independence?

When we follow our routines without question, we unintentionally pass up the wide-open possibilities each day presents us.

When we do what we’ve always done, because “it’s always been done that way,” we unintentionally throw away our freedom, that chance to be better.

The real revolution lies in using our freedom to make how we live each day better—using our independence to take that chance.

As Americans, we have the freedom to choose who we love, where we live, where we travel, what we eat, how we spend our time—and yes, what we put on our skin.

We are free to treat ourselves better—and we can start small, with how we treat our skin everyday. That’s my rallying cry: The revolution will be moisturized!


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Photo by Eu2Be founder Charla Jones, on the road across America.

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  • Charla Jones
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